Virtual son rain Shanghai dragon we need to do what others can not do

an article in front of I speak a little, we do Shanghai dragon is to do service, to do service most afraid of things that customers are not satisfied, the customer is not satisfied for us is a blow, no matter in the confidence or is not a small loss in economy. Although the customer not God, but we also need to consider for the customer, because I think this is the foundation of our foundation. Here’s what I’m talking about someone else can do things to give everybody talking about the first point: give customer commitment will bring benefits.

In fact,

2, do not go up the

Hello, I am virtual son rain. In the front of us what needs to be done for the argument, wrote two articles: "virtual son rain: Shanghai dragon we need to do what others don’t want to do" "virtual son rain: Shanghai dragon we need other people do not dare to do things", the two articles to tell the truth, looking a bit the same. But a different conception, carefully try to figure out, you may also be able to come up with something different. I want to do then we want to talk about Shanghai dragon can do better than others today, do it really can make the satisfaction of their own money, we need to do: to do what others can not do.

many webmaster will choose an area of Shanghai dragon, such as fat selected "Beijing Shanghai dragon", Xiao Jun’s "Guangzhou Shanghai dragon", Xiao Han, "Dongguan" Shanghai dragon, there are a lot of expert in their respective areas to do a blog or website to prove himself, if we want a good development. Not only have the strength of the hard, also want to have this kind of soft power, do not go up, or do the words.

Shanghai dragon strength in the subtle reflected, some people are good at grasping the overall situation, some people are good at details, no matter which we need to use some cases to show their strength. Many people love to do some other people do not go up the words to show their strength, the most typical example is the recent rain brother the word Shanghai Longfeng do the home page, but the "wood show in the forest, the wind will destroy", the forum was K is reasonable, is to be expected.

! keyword!

users looking for you, for what? In order to promote themselves through the network, in the network through a keyword to obtain certain flow, get a lot of customers, and create benefits for the company. Many of our webmaster do Shanghai, in fact as long as do the optimization of the site work even if OK, but if you can do more for customers, such as to improve the site traffic, improve the site conversion rate, create more value for customers, customers will be more deep and you work together, and even become friends, provide more help for development after you.

1, to the customer commitment will bring benefits to

competition in all walks of life are not small, if we for an industry is very clear, I suggest you choose a challenge for myself, but also for their own development.

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