Xu Jin Shanghai dragon road you have go

have a good knowledge of technology, many words can do on the front page in a certain period of class. But only to bring their own little income or not; want to write about Shanghai Longfeng article thinking feeling blocked, poor words as words; a lot of enterprises list but did not bring the benefit to the enterprise.

began full contact and understanding of Shanghai Longfeng, attracted by the charm of Shanghai dragon. Have some knowledge of the technical aspects, try to operate their own site or start orders. A lot of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge found in the actual operation, wrote a series of articles published on their own views. During this period, vibrant, pregnant with sorrow.

three, Shanghai dragon grey period

Two, understand the Shanghai dragon

here are the following four phases, friends, Shanghai dragon analysis you come to what the next step?


this paper by Xu Jin @ Chengdu director training network series first, please keep the 贵族宝贝shuduart贵族宝贝. The above is a personal point of view, wrong please point out. >


Shanghai dragon

has its own site, or enter the network companies and enterprises begin to contact the Shanghai dragon. This time we have a hot heart to enter the industry, feel the prospect of unlimited, because the Internet has many successful cases in the stands behind us, maybe one day I will be as successful. But does not exclude many repetitive operations in the network company to give up the occupation of the commissioner.

four, advanced Shanghai dragon

may process and a lot of people are slightly different, but the overall development is consistent. In this area there are a lot of space for the development of comprehensive ability but also requires us to have a stronger. I hope you can get good results in the field of Shanghai dragon.

, contact Shanghai dragon


fully understand the ultimate purpose is to network marketing, began to consider how to improve the user experience, focusing on traffic conversion, all around the market strategy, to stimulate the user’s desire to buy and guide users to quickly purchase as a starting point to do Shanghai dragon. This period is more challenging, directly linked with the sales performance, to fully understand the Shanghai dragon. And the Shanghai dragon with other resources to do network marketing.

has a long time not to pay attention to the Shanghai dragon forum and blog, to help customers put soft to browse under way. See a deja vu Shanghai dragon article, has no novelty, but also understand that a lot of Shanghai dragon is awesome blog why not update. For a long time, the Shanghai dragon a bearish, feel that the lack of what. When night writing has been repeatedly asked myself, what is the Shanghai dragon, there are many way to go

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