What Shanghai Longfeng details determine the success of the website name

domain name short not easy to remember, but also in the chain release is also good, it is easy to be inserted into the general administrator noticed secretly link in the forum, especially a long domain one eye can see, short domain name may be hidden better; also in the forum signature, there is a limit the domain name is too long, may not do character signature, as shown in figure

many webmaster to save trouble, with space website abroad, which will cause the website open speed slow thief, great impact.

formal stand the best normalization process, so is the domain name, a few days before the registration of a domain name, are free to fill in the registration business requirements to use the real name of the domain name, the domain name is not the real name system may be closed, it is recommended that you do have to use the real name of the regular website, whether it is with their own identity or the identity of the person registered with the registration, are feasible.

two, domain name system


Shanghai dragon

three, domain name registration buy domestic space

for the convenience of the user’s memory, double or digital domain portfolio is the best, especially named according to their site name, like Shanghai (Baidu), Taobao (Taobao), but this is similar to the domain name existed only for those who hand, we can register is probably those long, or numbers and letters with the domain name, domain name open to see many friends while spelling is not too much, but the letters in the memory, it is recommended that you registered the domain name should be short, according to the combination of letters and numbers, to build a website with relevant website name names.

optimization promotion general direction all understand, but is content with the chain, but the details of the deal is too much, every detail, are likely to affect the site keywords ranking trend, which is why some people can be very strong website ranking, and some website ranking fluctuations great, even the maintenance is very difficult, this is what we pay much attention to some content or number of the chain, while ignoring some of the details of the site.

, a domain name for short memory

each website has a web site, the quality of the domain name for the development of the site or influence; the good domain name being registered, now registered are some non mainstream domain name. Many friends will say, as long as the site for the good, the flow is king, the domain name is a kind of good or bad, do not go up even if no key words with Shuangpin domain name, this is completely no problem, a point that is true, but if we name better than others, this is our advantage this is outstanding than others, NBA, a strong man is not necessarily basketball playing well, but at least there is an advantage here to talk about those things about the domain name according to their own in recent years, Shanghai dragon.

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