The website of Shanghai dragon optimization



produce these effects is the inevitable result of the website, Shanghai dragon Er to prepare, and efforts to reduce the impact on the search engine, as soon as the end of revision of the website search cause investigation.

website optimization?

recently has been concerned about the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, has also been concerned about this website. A typical large-scale web site CE of this website, intuitive to see the site from the home page layout to the content of the website has changed a lot in the BD intercepting the change page template map the old website as follows.


note: This article only from the adverse effects of website optimization about Shanghai dragon. This article by www.ceherbs贵族宝贝

2, on the site snapshot, as shown in figure

in addition, the station has a change in the home page and inside pages of the title, keywords, description. The old website title figure:

website in power and increase website user experience, search engine friendliness, so after the website of Shanghai dragon Er should pay attention to what content, quick end search engine on the new revision of the inspection station? Mai will in the following article writing to relay.

4, the website after the revision, for different keyword search engines return different website snapshot information. Pictured above.


3, 2 new snapshot, website snapshot. Pictured above.



in the article "site optimization need to pay attention to what the title" said optimization techniques in optimization of the title of the website of Shanghai dragon and the matters needing attention. With the line on the website after the operation, many websites will show different issues such as: website customers targeted weak, user experience & search engine experience etc.. Then they would deliver the "website" command. The Shanghai dragon Er website revision is not so simple things, the site will lead to the revision of the website ranking, flow, included the outbreak of a series of reactions. So, the website which will bring harm to the Shanghai dragon

in addition, the mall added new information of this function plate. The site of the revised the affect in the search engine


1, the search engine on, see the intercept included diagram

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