The correct method of Taobao store promotion

is now engaged in more and more friends Taobao e-commerce, Taobao shop also more and more, but the real operation of a shop, let your baby in the Taobao talent shows itself a number of commodities, it is not very easy. We need to spend time, money, also need knowledge and skills, many novice friends do not know how to find the right way of promotion, do not know how to effectively promote as a novice. Below small simple share their years of Taobao shop accumulated experience and skills, we learn together and progress together, the inadequacies also please point out


do you want your shop is booming, so their stores increased to a new level, promotion is less but cocoa will factor, it is the premise of your products better! You supply to have certain advantages, but also have a certain market demand, not to you you are the advertising overwhelming, as if it were raining flowers, but not the price advantage, the quality is no advantage, but no buyers need your product, then do all this and what is the significance of the

now is the era of big data, what industry statistics are essential, so also is the shop open! You can not blindly to do promotion, the ultimate goal we shop is to make money now, so you will be for their own shop turnover and profits to remember this: everyone! Turnover = real flow conversion rate of X X the price, we can from these aspects to do shop optimization, improve the conversion rate and price, real flow, and thus enhance the turnover of

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. What is the conversion rate? Like 100 people to visit your baby, the last 3 people to buy your baby, then the conversion rate is three percent. The details and the conversion rate is related to their products, sales and evaluation, to optimize their baby details, and the 0 sales of baby to brush some proper evaluation of these sales, it is very necessary to

2, Taobao shop must know the Yellow Gold marketing formula


. What is the real real traffic flow? = display quantity X hits every day this is the number of buyers to browse your baby, so how to enhance the real flow of yourself? Now, you want to buy some daily necessities, the first way is certainly to buy Taobao. For example, you want to buy a dress, is certainly the first time to the Taobao search dress, began to turn the pages to find what you want baby. According to Taobao index statistics, Taobao search above traffic accounted for seventy percent of total traffic, so the new friends shop to search from the search to do is, well, you can have seventy percent of Taobao’s traffic, but the traffic is completely free, traffic is also very accurate! The essence of Taobao promotion is actually the search rankings optimization, baby ranking will mean that more people you see, baby, natural potential buyers will be more

1, Taobao shop promotion condition



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