Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis to help you quickly find out the root of the site right down

ROBOTS.TXT file shield spider

is a frequent occurrence of webmaster site is down right, but it is all the owners do not want to see it, if you unfortunately by the search engines to take care of your day and night care site to drop right, then you don’t complain, you know everything there must be a result in tens of thousands of websites in the search engine that singled you out, then you must prove that is different from the general site, of course, this is definitely not a different search engine, and the opposite is reached its low line you violated some algorithm of search engine, but if you you don’t know what the problem is, you can find A5 Shanghai dragon team to help the diagnosis and optimization, to know the A5 webmaster Shanghai dragon team is combat search optimization with years of experience, since From October 2010, A5 webmaster Shanghai Dragon (贵族宝贝 team Shanghai dragon.Admin5贵族宝贝/) since the beginning of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services in foreign, have been in service for more than 430 customer sites. Which website traffic greatly increased by 97%, and even some site traffic increased by more than 10 times.

server is the site of the fast and stable foundation, or even if you do a big effort on this site, there is no good server security, it is all in vain, if the spider to grab your site is not open, and how the search engine included your site? Imagine it happy? Being shut out of the feelings, I believe that many of the webmaster is to have the experience, therefore, do when the site must choose a good space, reliable server has a far-reaching influence on the development of the day after your site.

why do I need to check the ROBOTS.TXT file? This is because the A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and optimization team work on the time of diagnosis to the customer site, found that some customers actually directly to the

The website

search engine with smart



there is no denying that many webmaster is very clever, and know how to use the search engine algorithm’s vulnerability to website ranking, therefore, Shanghai dragon also divide the white hat and black hat. Go white hat webmaster general must have patience and perseverance to insist for a long time, to see some effect through long-term efforts, but the black hat can see immediate results in a very short period of time, to know things too fast, to.

server is not stable, the site can not be included in

ROBOTS.TXT file to the screen, but they also don’t know, it also asked why the search engine has not included my site? Do a few months or half a year, what are you doing at the beginning of the station of the search engine to shield, don’t let the spider to grab your site. It will not come naturally, grab your site, because you have no open convenient ways, first a thousand li away oh

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