My Shanghai Longfeng experience of how to make love in Shanghai every day to update the site snapsho

webmasters may know, love Shanghai to optimize the first value is the love of Shanghai the next day or the day time snapshot, snapshot snapshot is a snapshot of the best time, that our webmaster to now how to do to let love Shanghai every day to update our website snapshot? In fact, the method is very simple, as long as the station to the following aspects can do achieve

3) the site must be stable, and don’t let the space affect the host website

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also, in addition to webmaster keywords can not change the site, usually can not change the site with long template source, after all the love only love the Shanghai website "stable", if you frequent changes to the site will only backfire, so, in order to let love Shanghai every day to update our site snapshot. We should not change the webmaster best website, especially in website weight not how high, even if it is just to change a punctuation, or a simple

Shanghai is the first love as long as the little understanding of the webmaster all know, compared with other domestic search engine, Shanghai is the most frequent change of love hate websites, especially the webmaster too frequent or modify the site keywords leap. So, in order to let love Shanghai every day more production our analysis website, except in the case may, otherwise the webmaster is best not to arbitrarily change the keyword of the website

snapshot is updated every day! punishment!

1) daily updated website, and also to ensure that the quality of the content of

for a regular open, or special access speed slow site, I want ten to nine users can not bear yo, what is known as the user first love Shanghai. Therefore, whether it is the webmaster want to love Shanghai every day to update your website snapshot, or in order to improve the user access to your website "quality is", we all need to ensure quality, so the host station in space, found that the site use space is what the problem must be resolved in a timely manner, if not addressed so webmaster best to purchase a space to replace those problem space, don’t hold my money to buy a better space in this idea, because you did not make money.


if the webmaster want to love Shanghai every day to update the site snapshot, so webmaster best every day to find a fixed time to update the site, because only the fixed update website to make the website becomes regular, as long as your site variation of love Shanghai will update your website snapshot every day! Of course, in addition to regular updates the site every day, the publication of the content quality also must ensure that, if it is not the usual way to write the original content, so for the acquisition or reproduced and the content must modify it slightly, to try to make these acquisition or reproduced to achieve the content of pseudo original effect, because the only way station do not lead to love Shanghai site is

2) but frequently modify web site keywords, especially with the template


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