Love Shanghai search share climbed to 82.8% search advantage of successful penetration of mobile ter

in mobile phone search, user loyalty replicated into the mobile search client, love Shanghai in May mobile phone search market share to 79.3% of the market share is way ahead of the other search engines, and compared to April growth of 0.6%. Google search, ranked second and third. It is worth noting that, Sogou search development momentum significantly in 360, but significant decline trend, according to the report, 360 in the mobile phone search market share of 1.6%, compared to 1.9% in April fell 0.3%, ranking dropped to fifth.

Abstract: under the Internet’s tumultuous Tao undercurrents, love Shanghai was already showed "great potential after the silence". In July, the sea will be released Q2 quarterly report, and the report, but also for the industry has been looking forward to more.

love Shanghai "simple and reliable" search is undoubtedly one of the most popular Internet users, according to the first quadrant report shows that love Shanghai in the core business desktop search firm, at the same time in the mobile terminal is also showing a strong momentum of development, at present.

, according to industry analysts, Shanghai continued to lead in search of love PC, mobile terminal, and increased significantly. Is mainly due to the love of Shanghai in recent years the pulse of the market and user needs to search, continuous optimization and innovation, to achieve the "for consumers to find information to today’s consumer demand to find" change. A love of Shanghai launched the intimate search, Aladdin, brand area, the right of intelligent recommendation and so on, to enhance the users search experience, on the other hand, in consideration of the risk of fraud, love Shanghai also launched a plan to protect the interests of the right to network, credit risk V, the results of treatment of tagging or folding high risk sites, search for security the upgrade is more stable user stickiness.

July 15th, the mobile Internet market consulting firm in the first quadrant (UpperPlus) released a research report in April May, the search market share. According to the report, love Shanghai overall search market share still dominated, but there is a rising trend, in May the market share of 82.8% love Shanghai, the market share of the chain increased 2.2%. In contrast, ranked second, third of the 360 Google search search and global search market share decline trend.

in addition, according to the report shows, Shanghai love search shift from the desktop to the mobile terminal in the process of love Shanghai brand maintain rate as high as 89.6% in May, Shanghai love on the desktop search advantage successfully copied to the mobile terminal. Q2 earnings before the release of the report that there are many in the industry conjecture.

on the PC side, love Shanghai, 360 and Google have been on the rise, among them, love is the most significant upward trend in Shanghai. According to the May report of the first quadrant, love Shanghai is still as high as 83.6% market share to maintain a strong leading position, compared to 82.7% in April increased significantly.

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PC, the share of mobile market share rose steadily in Shanghai was

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