Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform close station protection tool line owners don’t have to worry about

webmaster to soothe the heart the softest place, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform close station protection debut. If the site for a long period of time to visit, owners can choose to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform crawl frequency tool in "close protection" function, the corresponding information submitted after the audit background 2-3 working days to take effect. "Close station protection" the biggest bright spot is the "protection" two characters, all the web pages previously included will be An Anquan protected, search engines will not be as dead is cleaned before pay sweat will not bear bitter hardships, cast to waste "protection", once removed, and through the love of Shanghai’s death detection that can be restored, just like what never happened. This move have let the webmaster moved to cry? Predict the specific operation, please refer to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/wiki/265

recent net net action is carried out like a raging fire, many large sites could not escape the robbery, was completely "clean", some problems are not serious website may need to stand close, but for the webmaster, the most painful thing in the world is not on the site shut down, for the subjective reason (revision suspension of service, etc.), or objective reasons (server failure, policy influence, record, etc.) are filled with frustration and may not have been the most; the most painful thing I closed the station, but the response time is too long, spider is still scratching, affecting the user experience; the most painful thing how hard is the site reopened, but returned to normal grab also need a long wait, the more bitter site in Shanghai love show stumbled, want to be included can only be re jinrenshi, listen to destiny. Think small heart is not conscious of pain".

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