To eliminate the risk to junk the chain site outside the chain of high quality.

third release platform must have a high weight attribute, is the best known site, like Shanghai Like attracts like. make your site Birds of a feather flock together. law will obtain higher weights, so as to enhance the site’s ranking.

so we construct a high quality website, must pay close attention to your own web site if there is garbage outside the chain, risk and let yourself stay away from junk chain website, how can you do this?

finally found the garbage chain we should want to do, on the one hand, we should as far as possible contact webmaster delete this target but >

first of all we want to know how to identify what kind of the chain is the chain of garbage. For the owners themselves, if you do not know what kind of chain belongs to the garbage outside the chain, so often make their own to build the chain will not consciously enter the chain of garbage vortex. For example, we often find some forum or blog to post on this blog before, and have made a lot of similar to poker gambling and the formation of the fortuneteller and other junk posts, and the use of a variety of strange symbols. This website if we hand post, will be easily approved, but the chain on the site can only bring negative effects to your website.

then we want to know what kind of chain is the high quality chain. This love Shanghai search engine optimization guide has been given a clear answer. Meet a chain is outside the chain of high quality at least have the following conditions.

most of the time we all hope that the quality of their site outside the chain a little higher, so all by way of purchase or through the soft release way to enhance the quality of the website chain, even willing to invest more money, but we can sometimes find their own websites have suffered different degrees of garbage outside the chain, that is to say there may be a malicious competitor by posting machine to help you create the garbage outside the chain, make your site to be love Shanghai punishment, and your competitors ranking will naturally rise.

second, the carrier content of the chain to be readable, but also that these chain carrier content is to be able to help the user, and the chain content everywhere can have a certain degree of explanation of the content, so that users can get more help, so it can improve quality of the website chain effectively.

We want to know when

because the site itself is a waste site, whether you posted on this site, or competitors by posting machine release, will make their site’s weight loss, so only recognize this kind of chain belongs to the chain of garbage can let yourself away from the chain of garbage vortex.

first, the release of the site content or site channel at least and the introduction of the chain site has certain relevance, such as your site is about health, but you will be released to the outside of the chain of mechanical data websites, not related to this chain can not be called high quality chain.

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