Website optimization caused by the failure of reflection

, understand the error on the content and the chain Optimization for the site of the

if the review does not, failure is not the mother of success, failure will not direct conversion become successful, we need to draw lessons from failure, and correct them will be able to success. For the website optimization, the author has been holding this attitude, each site failure will bring heavy reflection to the author. Website ah, I was not good:

reflection: Although content is original, but the reading of the site can not directly lead to the development. We must improve the quality of content.

for the content of this piece, I like most of Shanghai Longfeng, experienced copy, pseudo original, original process. It is because in the past the Shanghai Phoenix Project, due to a good understanding of the industry, so the article written more handy. And really took over the Guangzhou mobile phone network, due to the industry unfamiliar, has resulted in a lack of professional knowledge, the content is original, but reading is not fit to be seen. Perhaps, Shanghai dragon is a versatile player, when optimizing an industry website, must have sufficient knowledge of the industry.


, in order to improve the breadth of the chain, the chain of diversity, in daily work, the basic part of the chain accounted for nearly 50% of the work ratio. you can go to look at the top of the site, the chain has done a good job, but the rankings do thousands of miles away. But also found in the analysis of most of the site, "ordinary" chain for the website optimization effect is close to zero. Only the individual special quality chain but also for the web site.

almost all the webmaster all know, content is king, the chain is king. Or said today that content is king, the user is king. I also think this is so, the content, the chain, the user is really simple, summed up several core in Shanghai dragon. But to really understand this, I am afraid it is not so easy. The content of the chain, we are doing, so what the search engine will give you ranking, have overlooking the rival

The center of gravity, the

two, over reliance on the chain

chain is not Shanghai Longfeng work now but did not. But in the Internet, most of the articles are Shanghai dragon chain importance mentioned is very high. Early in the website optimization, the common chain is indeed a rapid accumulation of weight bring to the site, but when the site of the bottleneck, the ordinary chain is basically not much significance.

site in the past never work in this optimization was, after a mobile phone network was on the line in a hurry, I even believe in the focus on operations, will see a piece of day. Unfortunately, everything is not satisfactory, even if the author thinks that the website has full confidence to do well, but was down the right, down to the injured all over the body, suffer a big.

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