Fast several ways to improve the weights of the website station

two to improve the quality and quantity of the content of the website

but no way, to be more successful than others to pay more than others, diligence is our Shanghai dragon Er leading to the quality of a successful, also need to pay attention to is: the content of the web site update must pay attention to the law, not three days fishing nets two days of drying, "wrote today 3 original. The day after tomorrow to write 6 articles, but one does not write, this may be the opposite effect to enhance the weight of the website, we have to do is to keep the rhythm of. What kind of articles belong to the high quality of the original article, I personally think: 1 words can not be too short to 2, some readability was 3, must with "

2, if the fund is abundant, can be considered directly from the first industry website to buy, saying reluctant child not wolf, high investment to have high returns, do not care about in front of this little money, when our website weight high, we can sell our weight, actually to a website it is also the appropriate export link is very necessary, if the export link to your site is a point and you engaged in relevant industry website, search engine will give you the website points, mutual benefit, Why not??


exchange Links

if the weight related industries of high site to our site to do the chain, it will be crucial to our site weight lifting, some may say, is not willing to do what the high weight of the site Links to us for a new station, here I offer two methods for reference:

1, from the first weight and we almost site link exchange start, now many forums and websites are open link exchange columns, we can leave our information or initiative, contact them directly, not afraid of being rejected, because one of them may have a large number of people like you have the same trouble first, we and they exchange, until our website weight lifting, the low weight site removed, add some weight high website, as a result, the weight of our web site, would like stairs, so that we can enhance the keywords.

according to lots of relevant data, the effect of high quality original articles and more important to improve the weight of the website plays a more and love for Shanghai, the high quality of the original article is more and more favored by love, for those of us Shanghai eat stationmaster, the quantity and quality of more effort to match up their own website high original content the need to pay attention, please do not use the collected content on its website, which has a great probability will be love Shanghai punishment, although the day to write original articles very boring.

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