The analysis of search engine rankings more attention to integrity

is precisely because of this reason, many problems become easy to understand. Many of my friends will take a single reason to explain the phenomenon, this is not logical. Because the search engine to give "good rankings and not because of a factor. So today and share my views: Web search engine ranking is based on the consideration of integrity. I hope this article can let the webmaster inspire.


do Shanghai Longfeng, improve

website ranking will be influenced by many factors, it is known as everyone knows things, because more web pages on the Internet now, the links are more complex, so the search engine algorithm contains many factors, and not because of a small factor will give "good rankings or severe punishment.

page ranking, relying on the overall

in many forums often see the webmaster do something about post, afraid to be punished, want to get a ready answer, look in the end there is no effect, in fact, many of these unintentional acts on the influence of the ranking is not large, if you accidentally made more than a few links, or an article appearing in the text the two page URL link, or put some hidden text, such as long as not want to, as long as not often take chances to do so often, basic little relationship. Because the search engine to see the whole, and not because of individual reason for punishment. Sometimes, can turn to, if competitors intentionally framed, and if the search engine misjudgment the station is wrong, this will lose the fairness, under normal circumstances, there is not enough evidence, the search engine is not to punish the site.

I have always believed that the search engine to a "good rankings, and not a single event, but after a lot of calculation, analysis, finally give the ranking, obviously, there are many factors that play a role in the integrity, the search engine to factor accumulation will be more. Plus, the user will be love, so the weight is accumulated to a certain extent, will give good ranking.

once, not

single factor, affecting the overall

on several aspects of basic and we say clear the relationship between ranking and single factor, so we do not have to focus too much on a detail, not every day staring at several almost similar forum has been posting the chain, but should be wide, the best content in the first place, temporarily forget the Shanghai Dragon’s existence, so >

mentioned above the search engine ranking is the overall factors, but this does not mean that a single factor is not important. On the contrary, the single factor plays a very important role, because if a single factor is not good, is likely to cause the attention of the search engine, such as serious accumulation of keywords or rapidly increasing reverse link. When these factors of cheating is increasing every day, accumulated to a certain time or a certain amount, you will certainly be punished.

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