How to do keywords and content of organic integration of collocation

site map, as the name suggests, is to tell the search engine website links all the information node. Love in Shanghai to crawl the page, we will first determine whether the site map of this function, the site map can be used to achieve XML map, you can also add to the manual. Regardless of the method, the first time be able to tell the search engines to crawl the site in a variety of information.

second: prioritize keywords, reasonable use of DIV tag in H1, H2, H3 tags.

home page website map

when we determine the needs of the individual keywords to optimize through the site, we will start the layout of web page information. Here is a large proportion is more keywords website optimization, information home page will be bigger, between the two is proportional to the. For example, I set up eight key words, then the page should be as far as possible the use of these eight words as a sub forum to load the corresponding information.

is in the website optimization, H1, H2, H3 tag plays a very important role, with the web page and an article comparing, H1 tag is equivalent to the title of the article, and the H2 tag is equivalent to the document directory, the H3 tag is equivalent to each paragraph in the directory. In fact, if there is love experience in the Shanghai encyclopedia editing is very easy to find, when we write love Shanghai encyclopedia, you will be prompted to set up the first directory and directory second such words.

in the construction of website marketing, how to do keywords organic collocation fusion and content? Believe that this is a lot of understanding or tending to marketing website friends eager to know, here’s to our actual experience to the customer website to share with you, hope you can help. We mainly expounded from the following four aspects:

temporarily summing up the above four points, this.

fourth points: the necessity of the

as everyone knows, any search engine can’t grab FLASH in the text, so we must abandon the name in the FLASH section of the website to reflect in the production of marketing type website. This is a taboo! There is want to show the site’s appearance, can be used in the form of pictures and links, and pictures as far as possible to add ALT tag description. Here, you can use DIV to avoid using the picture because a large number of links caused by search engine friendliness is not high, which uses DIV’s index-x label, the label will combine text and picture perfect show. On the page, click on the picture into the seemingly links, click on the screen is actually shifted to the outside of the text in the link.

third: as much as possible with text links, as little as possible by the picture link, link without FLASH.

the first point: there is a close connection between the keywords and web page.

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