How to bring traffic to Taobao single page using long tail keywords

finished the program, we get the following. Want to use the long tail keywords bring some traffic to your site, natural selection became the focus side key. In the selection of the long tail keywords, we can use the search engine to be screened in addition to select the drop-down box, is also good to use some Adsense tools, the current mainstream webmaster tools have the function of keyword query, finally to obtain the available keywords is good through the analysis of their rival ideas.

method first talk about the blog. We can’t register with ready-made blog, this blog theory is almost useless, as far as possible the use of registered for a long time, the number of included blog. Blog first, love Shanghai space and Sina blog and blog NetEase. The interconnection between blog, we will step by step, can not put all the stations are connected in the first week of the first interconnect 10, and then again next week after the completion of the 5 interconnection, interconnection, we can join in the content to the master at text connection weights and enhance the effect is absolutely obvious.

first in the promotion before the selection of web application is also very important, there are some friends love to buy some Taobao guest single page program, it is not recommended to do so, this kind of program is a page, although we do is a single page, but the essence of our website have a lot of content pages, so as to enhance the key words faster and better rankings, so I recommend site program or use dedecms good, easy to use, powerful.



said Taobao customers, make friends must not strange, there are many ways to promote Taobao customers, use forum soft paper promotion, also use rebate network promotion, more useful still QQ group promotion. I have tried the above method almost, even a few years ago the popular Taobao API station I have done, but because of the love of Shanghai large-scale K station, I finally gave up, now the most used way is to push Taobao single page wide use of long tail keywords, this approach has several advantages it can avoid competition, very good, and the construction cost is relatively low, the Commission is generally high. Well, here I come to share their experience with some long tail keywords Taobao promotion guest single page.

and for the construction of the chain, the author in the previous article also stressed many times, the chain is quality, not quantity, the release of the chain forum we try to find and their relevant web content, such as our promotion commodity cosmetics and feminine products, we can go to Ruili Women forum the construction of the chain, so that the effect was obvious. "

The optimization of the long tail keywords of

, we can use blog group, outside the chain of high quality, strong internal text aim to optimize the connection, the author will explain to you one by one.

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