How to deal with the new love Shanghai new algorithm

, may be helpful to everyone’s questions.

chain is quality rather than quantity, the chain is not soft, the chain should be targeted, relevance, effectiveness.

during this period, I also exchanged a few Links, note that more than a dozen, instead of dozens of these chain benefits is self-evident, the friends of the chain are effective anti chain, content are also relevant to my website, my site is higher than the basic weight. (in fact almost, slightly higher than the right, or you and how can we exchange?) I think a day in exchange for some dozens of friends of the chain, 80% are junk chain is much better. A small number of friends of the chain, high quality, so do not worry about the negative impact brought by the friends of the chain. Third conclusions can be drawn:

: second days beginning in some forums outside the chain, included 2 pages.

the beginning of August, I once again involved outside the station optimization, this is no longer the mass outside the chain, for example, my site is "steel products", I have some related websites, such as "steel net" issued by the chain, put a half a month, the chain number is not much, only more than 100, but net station the weight has been increased, a number of long tail keywords ranking on the home page. So we can draw second conclusions:

to be stable after the opening of the new line number >

: third days to send the chain, the page is K.

first day: normal, not only the hair of the chain, update the content, included the home page.

?The following is an example of

to do the new station on the line within the station, outside the chain do not mass, can be collected, some effective snapshot of steady high quality chain.


from the beginning of the fourth day, has been the only included the home page, the snapshot is not updated, I wonder, every day, adhere to the original, why is this so? I have optimized a station last year, the same way, how do I consider failure? Love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, reduce the influence of the chain the weight, combined with the "love Shanghai" to determine how effective the chain of a text, I draw a conclusion: the mass outside the chain on the site (especially new) is not good, will lead to drop right. I stopped outside the chain, but still adhere to the original, over the past month, finally the snapshot update, the inside pages also put out. So, we can draw such a conclusion:

fourth days: ibid, results no change.

love Shanghai recently released a series of algorithms, such as the green algorithm, spark plan etc.. Simply speaking, Scindapsus plan to combat spam text, the original spark program to support the station. So, many webmaster confused, how to deal with these algorithms? Whether the failure of the original optimization routine

one of my sites (see last address) began operations in July, just a line, I will use the former method, do website content after the start of the group chain.

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