You can crush the webmaster Shanghai dragon but not superstitious

this problem generally appear in the Shanghai dragon to achieve the desired effect, the customer will ask this question. For example do you top the first, the customer will say you want to keep a year in this position, or even longer. But is it possible? The answer is affirmative: impossible!

! Shanghai dragon is not immediate

Shanghai dragon is a comprehensive technical work, but also need time, not the accumulation of a certain time is unable to achieve the desired effect, if you want immediate, then love Shanghai promotion is a good choice.

contact from Shanghai dragon I engaged in years of customer I found such a problem, a lot of people want to do Shanghai, they will ask such a question, how long can realize the effect of Shanghai dragon? Face difficult for me to answer this question, because the implementation depends on a lot of factors, some factors or can not be controlled, I can safely tell the customer, at least 3 months. Customers will think too long, they will ask, how long can go beyond the first competitor? I’m very tangled this problem, if you are a new station, but want to rank first in a very short period of time, there has been a few years beyond the old station, this is easier said than done things

so, Shanghai dragon is not free, but relatively lower than some of the ways to promote investment.

do not have a talk about the Shanghai dragon is free, this is a big misunderstanding. Here is only relative to free for promotion, you just don’t need to send money to love Shanghai, but you have to carry out the work of Shanghai dragon is to be paid, if you outsource to a company to operate, you can not pay? If you have someone doing this job, you can not give people wages

Shanghai dragon is not free of

because the search engine with the adjustment algorithm of Internet users search habits, and your competitors are also thinking about how to beat you, want to maintain the stability of the existing ranking is difficult in this case. Because the Internet is not changed in every hour and moment.

Shanghai Longfeng effect is not constant


is indeed a critical essential in network marketing, he can get high returns with low investment. It is because of this leads to some people too superstitious and even misunderstanding of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon.

? Shanghai dragon

don’t believe but you can crush the Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon. Shanghai dragon since being introduced into China, after tens of thousands of webmaster friends make unremitting efforts Shanghai dragon at a rapid speed in development. Until now, has been recognized by the majority of applications and a wide range of small and medium sized enterprises. However, many people have not obsessed with Shanghai dragon, but the trend of Shanghai dragon superstition.

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