The common application will replace the anchor text


As shown in figure

, now love Shanghai in the calculation of the chain, the text is a chain, at the same time, in the judgment of the above correlation technique has become more and more mature, but still have the greatest influence on the chain rankings, even if you do the common application, leaving information in other places in fact, or do a chain, in the calculation of the time, or in accordance with a chain calculation, the more common applications, the equivalent of the chain more, who really played a role, but also very.


first, take a look at what is the common reference:

" is that we are usually the left; the article is reproduced in " " " * * * report (Introduction), this kind expresses the relevant statements, sometimes may be leaving a text link, some time may be the only left a name of a website, there are many but, for the operation of the common application, one of the most important points are highly correlated, that is to say, this left a link, you need to also prepare 2 or more with its related articles, this work is down is not small

this is the best form of stationmaster friends recognized outside of the chain, the effect is also very good, a lot, a major factor is the ranking, which led to the sale of links, the garbage outside the chain of such links is more and more, in this case, the search engine is no way to pay, although love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm the baby panda, nobles are based on the algorithm, the garbage chain link, but after all, is not very mature, also need to constantly improve, which requires a certain process, if in this way, a common reference to substitute anchor text is indeed a very good method, but the search engine will do

look at the anchor text:

Xiaobian that " common application of " instead of " " anchor text; there is no way to achieve, perhaps it is difficult to say in the future:


: if an article site A an article and B website quoted from site C, site A in the article said: "certain opinions had talked about the content of the website C." So this site C cited articles will also have the effect of Shanghai dragon.

In fact,

this period of time, in the webmaster circle is popular with such a statement, that is " common application " will replace ", " anchor text; and that is noble baby official, and spread more widely, there really such a thing to tell the truth? I know later also tried using common reference to do, but I may not adhere to, the effect is not particularly ideal, but if the effect is still there! But will replace the anchor text, small feel is unlikely to

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