Several roles must play a grassroots webmaster

1: Grassroots plays a mastermind of identity, positioning of a website is very important, we must first locate the site after the customer groups and commercial properties into how to succeed? So we will not forget the main navigation when next layout.

behind a successful man there will be a great woman behind, so a successful website will have a group of tough roots. Why grass is tough? Do not shake, firmly believe that, do not change, it is necessary to have the quality of grassroots. As a grassroots when we continue to study hard, work hard for tomorrow tonight. While some peer is already a successful model, so we who are not from the grassroots do together? We think that if we take some way at the grass roots bent, then success is some earlier to the. We can go to copy a successful case, to innovate their achievements.

3: Grassroots play a group of Shanghai Longfeng people’s identity, why is a group of many large companies? I for the sake of efficiency is very clear division of labor, there are a lot of occupation, such as: a dedicated website editor, blog, Links exchange forum, the construction of the chain, the chain construction. Then we grassroots every day in the short 24 hours time how to allocate these work, it all depends on our fighting for tomorrow’s success, we must redouble our efforts today.

no matter where we are? As long as we have to uphold the conviction and execution, we will become the industry leader. I am also a two years of grassroots, before I was like a touch of this industry, the industry hit a bump to the end, not a successful website. Finally he decided to do a see light suddenly, a local website, this is probably what we often hear grassroots depends on things to the extreme. A website is actually a group of people doing, including offline promotion, sales, website update etc.. We can root the lack of economic strength, the cause of all this is our one doing. We study this person how to play this role:

4: Grassroots play salesman identity, after offline promotion and sales or to us yourself, do not ask us to have gorgeous eloquence, but we sincerely believe, our customers will be sincere to us.

2: Grassroots plays a website technology status, how to make this website, has reached the most beautiful and meet Shanghai dragon. In fact, beauty often determines the image and repeat, in fact now our grassroots requirements are very low, many websites are free CMS to do, as long as the understanding of HTML, in the casual look free video tutorial accordingly, we can do the grassroots webmaster.


maybe you still play more role today, tired and sleepy, but think of a better tomorrow without roots, we still have to climb up strong, this is our "

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