Pure text links can transfer the weight


online article mentioned that he is a query with love Shanghai webmaster tools, so I also love Shanghai webmaster tools to explain. To query a web site through the chain analysis tools can love Shanghai owners of the external links, anchor text form, the form of hyperlinks, pure text links can be found. Here I found a few can deny text links can be that transfer the weights of the example, the first is through the chain of love Shanghai Webmaster Tools query to the existence, with the nofollow tag links, as shown below:

is the use of love Shanghai Webmaster Tools query, the chain of love experience in Shanghai, although this was outside the chain of love Shanghai included, but the link with the nofollow tag, not weight transfer.

, the content is about pure text links in the search engine optimization is still useful today, the article writing is very good, combined with the actual situation of their own website, and gives a lot of favorable evidence to prove that the view of the article, but there is a point I can not agree. Wrote the article, through the use of "love Shanghai Webmaster Tools query site outside the chain, the chain can be found in plain text, and can identify the link text as connection name, reach the same effect of the anchor text, so in the high weight website form text links can also get high weight the chain and the anchor text link."


for weight transfer, love Shanghai did not give a clear explanation, so the spread of the Internet is also all personal speculation, I understand the weight transfer, each site has its own weight, and different weight of each page is not the same, a page weight need to pass through a way to connect two "to be able to transfer the weight from one page to another page, and play a connecting role between two pages that link anchor text or hyperlinks, of course, not all of the link anchor text and hyperlinks to the weight transfer, love Shanghai has clearly had four cases, whether the anchor text or hyperlinks will not transfer the weight: (1) with the nofollow tag in the link; (2) in the robots.txt sets the limits of grasping; (3) the link is in the JS code; (4) link The site was the jump.

The See an article on the Internet before

second is the link address jump links, shown in figure

quiz platform is a platform for many webmaster love, not only can increase the chain for the website in question answering platform above, to do publicity for the website, but made some adjustments now some Q & a platform for site outside the chain, for example, search ask. Soso Ask long ago to make adjustments, the chain will address the jump, but this link is also love Shanghai webmaster tools for effective recognition abroad "

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