Shanghai dragon to the user experience as the premise of scientific optimization is the kingly way

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search engine to ge to the user experience, so as we strive for the search engine of Shanghai dragon in Er well based on the user experience of the website optimization is the priority among priorities of us.

1, what is the impact on the Shanghai dragon, what is the div+css and table of Shanghai Longfeng good bad

Of course, there are also

2, love Shanghai and noble baby in Shanghai Longfeng operation are different?


is the same, at least strategies are the same. Not the same place, a lot of love Shanghai cheating method is very effective, but the noble baby has no effect. Some methods of optimization method in noble baby, love Shanghai easily regarded as cheating. Some people used to do love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon, do noble baby in the same way Shanghai Longfeng, many are being punished. Some people used to do the Shanghai nobility baby dragon, with the same sex Shanghai Shanghai dragon, has been punished or little effect.

do Shanghai dragon must grasp details, the details determine success or failure in the face of our love and Shanghai search engine spiders soldiers under the condition of serious to log analysis, to correct the wrong site constantly improve the function of the website is the top priority of our.

especially HTTP header information, many sites in this area a lot of Oolong things, but the public did not know the data of Shanghai dragon what. So the first overall to local is important, a lot of public information at least half the influence of Shanghai Longfeng factors do not mention.

Now the

don’t begin to pass this detail. The difference between them is very small, the key is how in your content quality. The first overall and local, put some influence factors flow direction of Shanghai Longfeng excavated, then go to the details of their more refined. In order to know the order of priority, but also to ensure the controllability. There are many other people are not concerned about the factors are much more important than the factors. Such as speed, server performance, HTTP header information etc..

data analysisThe web page code ?

many people use now, of course there are many is not scientific. Because many methods are not the reason, can not explain the reasons for it, or explain very far fetched science; Shanghai dragon, is seeking truth from facts to do things. Each change all know why, and what will be the results clearly. To do this is that all the factors affect the data flow of Shanghai dragon, long term observation between data and data link; as long as you go after the Shanghai dragon flow to your site before, what exactly happened, it will find a lot of factors affecting the flow of Shanghai dragon phoenix.

how to do a website, how to optimize a website how science to Shanghai dragon must have the following several points:

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