Analysis of website content – the subtle relationship of mutual exclusion

sometimes your website is very strong both in the chain and internal optimization, but can not get in anyway. This day face the boss once asked to convey. When we focus on optimization, often forget a crucial, mutual exclusion between the content of the website, how can the content of the website exclusive? Should not mutual contribution? Today we will use some cases to convince you.

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two, advice.

from the title of the site that the main business of the website is the website construction, and we can see in the navigation domain name registration "and" virtual host "when you see here when I got lost, this website is the website construction, I was heading through understanding the website construction of the price, service etc. but, I have seen the" domain name registration "and" virtual host "do you want my own website? Obviously we see in this web site, domain name registration and rapid site is exclusive for the user’s browsing, we provide users need not in use, also produced a hindrance to the user browsing, users will think this website is not professional. In fact, this website should be separated from the two sites to do, one is on the construction site, a domain name registration. This website ranking will be better.


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sites we love to do the content of the website is very rich, more content for the user, this early in the Internet is popular, but with the increasing of Internet content, as the content is very rich portal station, PingTai Railway Station ranking has become more and more difficult now, because the user needs is the essence of the the contents of our website, not the pursuit of large, but the fine. When we all focus on a keyword, we can easily optimize.

: Fang Shanghai dragon 贵族宝贝honghuoshan贵族宝贝/ please indicate. Thank you

and my blog Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon

we see such a website design time

we see "Shanghai dragon free video tutorial" free site diagnosis "is in urgent need of the user. But behind the love Shanghai bidding and network marketing for the former by rejection. I love Shanghai in the thermodynamic diagram, see the two column users click rate is very small, indicating that the two column for users is of no value, but I have no time to get rid of, just to give you a negative case.



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