Shanghai dragon to how to write original articles to attract people

three, smooth and clean clear "

can’t write the original webmaster is not a good webmaster, Shanghai Longfeng original article is the most important factor for website optimization, a Shanghai dragon blog if you copy and paste all the others, then I would like to ask you to do the Shanghai dragon blog and significance, moreover, others hard work overtime a word the original words written by you a few seconds to steal your conscience in the past, ask where to go. If you can’t write the original article, it can only use one word to describe the "lazy", with little relationship between iq.

two, with specific examples of

  Write a That so much nonsense in front of

we started writing from the primary school, starting from the most simple to write written material to write things, to discuss later, the exposition and other various articles, should have more or less to learn a little bit of writing skills! Maybe someone will say I will copy writing books, okay. If you are such a person, I can only say that you are a leopard cannot change. Some webmaster friends might say: I want to write but do not know how to write? This question is usually as long as you study more good, this is a gradual process from the beginning, no one can write a good article, this requires a process of exercise, so usually has the time certainly to write and Practice more.

have a sense of humorIf


write a technical articles, can let people learn something and can make people happy, I like this who doesn’t love? How to make sense of humor, this problem you should accumulate, you use up accumulated more handy. For example, exciting content inside the piece, sketch humor in can be adapted into their own things. Of course, do not deliberately making humor mechanically, that will only backfire, remember to place at the right time naturally with a little humor, this effect will be obvious.

theory don’t it as if it were raining flowers a long and minute statement, in the eyes of others just scrape words only, others may see at the beginning of the one or two sentence do not want to see in the back, but if you talk about some technical knowledge when combined with some specific examples, such as the readability of the article rise to a very high level, and can lead the reader to look down naturally. Because tells her to explain things will give realistic with specific examples, at the same time can prove that some things are not flashy without substance.

, now come on. Many people will have time to write the original article Shanghai dragon himself, but may feel like to always remember running account to write something plain water, although the original is not readable, so that when we write original articles such as the Shanghai dragon to write what will attract people? I Xiaoming this generalizes the following:

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