Love Shanghai disaster, Shanghai dragon spring is coming

Chinese ancient thirty-six, love the staff of Shanghai is used so skillfully. Through the staff summary of the "three way" has been fully proved to be flexible and great dialectical thought. However, I think he will become the first batch of Shanghai people’s love. A small staff, which have so much power to do such damage the interests of the group. Unless they are audacious in the extreme. The other argument should be carried out in the above activities under the acquiescence. After a few big moves this exposure, let the profit model has been questioned in the Shanghai company into a storm in love. So, love Shanghai, You’ll see. "gorgeous" turned to love you "for Shanghai". By bidding caused serious distrust spread to Shanghai’s other love, this love is indeed the existence of the crisis, Shanghai’s own making.

substitution In addition to the well known

love Shanghai PPC >


third reporting industry regulatory easing

Those who love the sea

: love Shanghai, You’ll see. "gorgeous" metamorphosis: you love Shanghai "fooled"

love Shanghai, is a business model of love Shanghai. Are generally from the top to the bottom of people browsing a web page custom, from left to right, so that nature can quickly let visitors access to the top of the page position, then to block the "field" as the best platform for the dissemination of information, who is going to Shanghai? So love of a PPC the model, who offer to whom, then, presented on the page is not a natural presentation of the search results, but by the artificial intervention love Shanghai.

three: network promotion, choose their own, see Shanghai dragon debut

second strokes that modify the business license, the approval certificate of

two: "three movements", teach you how to make false successful website promotion link account

the first one through the audit qualification by grafting

paid links will be given priority in the home of the most prominent, the most popular location. This is love Shanghai let crooks have a chance. In this mode, how are like listen to the auction. But the final winner of the auction must be rich, the rich are not necessarily to do regular sale of the main. Love Shanghai bidding with the "Underworld", this is the "running" hidden.

today, love Shanghai PPC hidden shady news is overwhelming in the internet. The industry leader, love Shanghai PPC have played an important role in the promotion of the network market, but now the love of Shanghai in such an embarrassing situation for it, "on the rocks", let many promotion platform in other ways to cheer, but also sounded the alarm bell of their. To deceive the people’s interests, reckless with greed, no matter what kind of enterprise, will be condemned. Then, as the popular way of promotion, search engine optimization, will usher in the spring of

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