How to make the optimization of processing capacity to maximize the Shanghai Dragon

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4, stable high performance, stable access speed has greatly improved user experience, but also improve the spider crawling efficiency, improve the spider crawling efficiency is to improve the website optimization effect, so as to enhance the frequency of visiting spider, sometimes discontinuous snapshot is because the problems of stability and update the spatial frequency, it is not the more expensive the space is more stable, we are pursuing the high cost of space, it is also a maximum optimization of.

2, outside the chain, the chain of the problem is always the webmaster headache problem, in theory, the more the better, but in essence, the high quality of the chain the chain can quickly enhance the optimization effect, therefore, the chain should pursue the high quality of the chain, and not a number of growth, we make from quantitative change to qualitative change, the chain should be based on the quality of the chain, and is the second.

Shanghai dragon maximum optimization actually is the test of Shanghai dragon.


5, the integration of resources to maximize the use of, for the owners or do network marketing people, how important it is for the development of cyber source of a website, including the website forum account resources, resources, resources, QQ group micro-blog account of human resources and so on, the effective integration of these resources, can make the site the flow reaches a good effect, so as to improve the distribution of re search engine on your site weight.

in our deep process of Shanghai dragon, we will find that, when the Shanghai dragon is becoming more and more popular, the competition is more and more big, and how the Shanghai dragon competition often is the test of talent shows itself, Shanghai dragon technical ability, how to optimize processing ability of Shanghai dragon to maximize the good. In the coordination, always ride Shanghai dragon. The maximum Shanghai dragon like for math, Shanghai dragon is not a fixed value, you cannot calculate a value for the optimization, so the optimization is to maximize the Shanghai dragon, this is our pursuit, and maximize the pursuit of Shanghai dragon and different maximum value in mathematics fixed the maximum value, Shanghai dragon never changed, only through practice and observation of Shanghai dragon RE constantly, to the maximum in the Legislative Yuan! Sima view, the maximum optimization, can do in the following aspects:

1, included, in fact the maximum content is, of course, is a collection of original content to reflect the maximum. The maximum is not included in the blind pursuit of the collection number, that is meaningless, we are pursuing is to enhance the essence, it is the weight of ascension, so we have to do is to maximize the

original content!The maximum

program source code structure optimization maximization, we find that the open source program in general to do a certain degree of time, we often can not meet the optimization requirement, so we will make some adjustments and improvements to the source code and the structure, the more mature, the more we pay attention to the optimization of fine festival, which is also in the pursuit of optimization a process of maximum.

The maximum

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