The hospital site optimization program 4

2, competitors analysis, study after they are what way of promotion, the main keywords included what, how.

5, a message board forum, customers pay more attention to the evaluation content.


2, micro-blog promotion (micro-blog is characterized by strong real-time, interactive and convenient, is now very popular)

QQ group promotion

1, on the site analysis, analysis of target customers. To study the customer attribute. Clear target customers generally we will use what keywords to search, also is the user’s search habits are analyzed. And find out the competitive low flow target keywords.


1, the blog promotion (blog is characterized by strong communication and high reliability)


in a large micro-blog platform registered accounts (required to obtain the real name authentication), we study on the population characteristics (what kind of people, they are most concerned about what, how can they be listening), multiple some valuable and feature updates, will get more reprint rate, professional counseling problems for fans reply, improve your site’s attention, when appropriate, to carry out the prize activities, provide free prizes to encourage.


selected related forum in the popular version area >

1, the website needs to highlight the user experience, such as: home to join the hospital special projects, preferential projects, special treatment, recent activity, successful cases.

6, the long tail keywords: can do a Q & a platform to increase the degree of customer experience to the platform, and the platform of the search engine is friendly, can give site bring some potential customers.

two, the station optimization

3, good title, tags, pictures, 404 pages, ALT description Links, site map.

, the layout of the 2 key words.


Promotion Forum

found some local groups, plus group after the first with the inside of the administrator and other members of the mix a familiar face, and then from time to time to send their own ads (discount class), or is acquainted with the administrator, and then publish advertisements or after he was the administrator through the modification group announcement class to achieve the purpose of publicity.


4, every day for one or more of the original article, try to put the anchor text into the content, to have a great effect to enhance the website weight.


in a large blog site, registered several blogs, use a ten, ten hundred, the release of some value to customers of the original article. The blog to long-term maintenance optimization, to maintain communication with customers, respond to comments.

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