Love Shanghai in the field of mobile search is how to establish the dominant position of the

so, do a lot of friends consider using mobile station H5 station, and submit the mobile sitemap in Shanghai Webmaster Platform, in the mobile terminal has to give you love Shanghai station to provide a "full service".

interest is the basis of all long-term cooperation.

: I love Shanghai to you by mobile traffic, to provide you with advertising platform to help you make money.

Webmaster: I give you, according to your rules.

one click may be able to bring you an exposure, a fan, an order in the flow of more and more precious today, especially in the mobile Internet, the platform can distribute the traffic is not much. In the closed loop of the platform to play, only in accordance with their rules, the risk is too big.

hit it off, let’s do it.

introduction: in the mobile Internet gradually beyond the PC today, love Shanghai said, I give you a mobile station, providing money cash method, leaving you to operation and promotion, domain name resources are you, you do, or not to do

why say so?Everyone in

love Shanghai here is different, or the same gameplay, as the taste of each site, the webmaster is the foundation of love Shanghai Zhuangda, webmaster to provide user experience in line with the content of love Shanghai index provides users want content. Love Shanghai, the owners, users, the three complement each other, who also cannot do without who.


In addition to the bright >

BAT is about to become a noisy AT, love sound here in Shanghai is not much, and now, love mobile traffic every day in Shanghai derived amounted to one billion magnitude, according to Analysys released data, the second quarter of 2014, both from the mobile search requests or PV, Shanghai’s share of love have been more than 75%, Shanghai has been low-key on love.

then love how Shanghai around mobile

similarly, love Shanghai mobile search is also so, one billion distribution flow, seems a lot, but it is so simple.

love Shanghai in the field of mobile search ranking first, reasonable, and as is contrary to expectation.


before I wrote an article "30 days, 25 articles, 60W read" article, attracted a group of people settled in today’s headlines, click to run every day. Today’s headlines, a mobile phone on the APP news reading, just an article can easily get tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of hits, this is the charm of the mobile internet. Read the text, are transferred to the mobile phone terminal.


is the biggest difference: love Shanghai will give each site import traffic, like today’s headlines, such as WeChat’s APP is a closed loop flow, not to the webmaster.

one billion is what concept?

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