How to make the long tail optimization to improve the keywords ranking

site optimization for a period of time, the webmaster can through the 3 tools to check the web site of the long tail keywords and keywords are love Shanghai included, and these included the word ". The webmaster can adjust and optimize the strategy in time, the long tail word because of its relatively low heat keywords, the optimization is relatively easy, through the long tail word can bring some traffic to the site, it also plays a role in the optimization of keywords, can indirectly improve the site keywords ranking, so that to improve the ranking is not relatively stable great changes.

online today, I and you share in how to optimize the long tail word to improve the keywords ranking from the perspective of their site.

Through the above several long tail word search method The

keyword search into the site, the site occupies a large part of the flow, which is also part of the flow to the webmaster can from the alliance, such as love, Sogou alliance Shanghai alliance obtained considerable income. Key words let the webmaster site involved in the major search engines search results ranking top, become a decisive factor for how much traffic the site. Therefore, the optimization of keywords for each station is particularly important, should be the biggest challenge is you new webmaster facing the elders.

first, after the establishment of the keywords, through the establishment and related tools and search keywords, long tail word about 100 index. Here I recommend 3 commonly used relatively authoritative: 1, Shanghai love index, to be judged according to the demand of network; 2, thesaurus, input keywords, search the long tail thesaurus, but for the average user only to open 200 long tail word; 3, webmasters are familiar with the owners of the house, the long tail word tool.

from the station at the beginning of each site should be established 1-3 most relevant keywords according to the site itself involved in the field, these words are generally more popular, the search index is relatively high, to a simple thought through the chain, or soft website updates to improve keyword rankings, is clearly not optimal method. I used the following methods for explain:


website once generally do not change, but the long tail word, long tail word search heat will change with the time is not the law, in a certain period of time, the webmaster should often apply these tools to search the long tail word long tail word, the update is to make different strategies in the web site. I hope the above suggestions can give the webmaster to play a more effective role in Shanghai Longfeng paper source > key words!

, the webmaster can determine the comprehensive and relatively hot words related to the long tail word. The next step is to through the website of the two level and three level related to the reasonable layout of the page long tail words, commonly used method is the long tail word distribution in web pages related to head keywords and web page description, but the emphasis here, web content must be original! "And improve the long tail word included frequency and velocity.

There are many different keywords Shanghai Longfeng share,

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