Site optimization process chain how to release in order to effectively promote the website weight

second, released a valuable scarce content is the best method to improve the chain effect. We know that the process of the construction site outside the chain, a high weight of the chain for the website in terms of meaning is very great, of course, the high value will mean our heart to the effort, with soft writing for many webmaster know A5 platform high weight, improve the chain brought to the site weight it is very awesome, but here I want to ask a few people are really hard to write to A5 users to consider the submission of attention, if you want to create high weight site outside the chain, high quality soft writing is necessary to learn. Only you can write high value of things, for the majority of owners have a positive role to help I believe that the audit is very easy. In addition to the content of scarce tectonic soft contribute, is our own heart to release information, such as cloth product information the best is original, the best published articles in 60>

as everyone knows, website optimization promotion process for Chinese and foreign chain website weight is in doubt, as a webmaster, for the construction of the chain that has its own unique views and ways, but we have one thing in common is the quality of the chain and the weights of the quality and level is to release all of the most points today I will pay close attention to, and we present a detailed analysis, to optimize the site outside the chain of how to release in order to effectively promote the website weight, well, we gossip short continued, directly into today I share the theme.

first, the love of Shanghai command for a chain high weight of platform. We know the amount included site outside the chain and the existing platform is the inevitable link, a relatively high weight of the site itself, our chances of the published content included is very large in this new term for how to find these high weight platform? That is the focus of our attention, we first love Shanghai advanced search instructions, using advanced commands, such as intitle and inurl command collection. For example, I am looking for machinery industry website, then I will use intitle: machinery industry sites such as command to search. If we can change the search mode for the forum by the intitle: forum or a command such as inurl:bbs search. Because these two commands are love Shanghai’s own search commands so find out information is very accurate. Secondly, the effective analysis for the detection of information. The search for information, we must carefully screening and screening, screening can be obtained through activity details from posting, replies, the amount of information and return information amount. The general high weight forum the forum has a large number of new posts activity is very high. Finally, can be included amount of statistics and the weights of the query itself love Shanghai, to determine the true weight of information. In this site, A5, Shanghai dragon why, the owners of the home, downews, Ai Rui, these platforms generally included nearly one hundred percent, the weight of the chain is beyond doubt..

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