From the errands run up to see the online business difficult

errands, from the name sounds very interesting. As the name suggests, is to provide specialized errands errands, and some compensation for the paid service. The development of errands, known as lazy economy or economic man. The reason is that with the development of economy and society, people are getting more and more money, but the pace of life is fast, the intensity of work, some people would rather spend money to do, do not want to do or have no time to do. Take the domestic industry for example, rich people spend a nanny, is lazy economy, a kind of economic man. Errands industry and domestic industry is different, its business scope is mainly reflected in two words on errands, such as send flowers, lead generation parcel, purchasing the ticket, pay utilities, queuing generation and so on, and brought out for an apology, on behalf of courtship etc..

in theory, I think the errands industry should be very promising industry. First, the market demand is very large, and with the development of society, the demand will be greater and greater. Maybe after twenty years, hire someone to run errands will become a service everyone more or less consumption, just now takeout as usual. Second, the industry in the city many errands or a blank, the market demand and supply in the state, that is to say, in many city business errands business, there is no competition. Third, from a more macro perspective, any country with the development of the economy, the proportion of the first, the second industry will become smaller and smaller, the proportion of the third industry is the service sector will be growing. At present, our country mainly depends on the second industry, but the future trend is that the service industry is more fully developed. The service industry will be more segments of the industry, involving all aspects of people’s lives. While running errands industry is an emerging industry subdivision out.

errands first appeared at this time, once the darling of the media, by each big TV, newspaper, network coverage. However, over the past few years, but have not run up the phenomenon of errands. A lot of errands, errands companies have closed, now still hold is bleak day, business deserted, difficult to profit. Many aspiring online entrepreneurs, from the beginning to the end in the best of spirits run errands website, can only sigh Born Under A Bad Sign,

business more difficult!

in my opinion, why can’t run errands, there is indeed some fatal things difficult:

first, the subject legitimacy. Errands if only one site, no entity, so the strict sense is illegal, its credibility is not guaranteed, can only rely on the self-discipline of the main website. Who can guarantee that after the main site will not receive the money to put up the shutters so escaped? Errands destined to the trust of consumers cannot win, also will not open the market. If registered as a company, you need 30 thousand yuan of registered capital, and business premises, which means not only to go through the complex approval procedures, but also bear the registered capital, the cost of venue hire, and pay the tax cost. But it is cheap to run errands service, run a leg 20 yuan a day.

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