The plastic APP to take a look at the end of the US

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Kevin Tsai in the new issue the "wonderful" show, talking about "coming out" about the tears collapse. But did not cause much waves in the netizen, "gay" sensitive words as the era of the past, a lot of friends saying, "what is the elder sister is gay, Yan Xinglian!" search on # Yan Xinglian # topic on micro-blog, a short time accumulated more than 27 thousand discussion. "The official explanation Xinglian Yan" is the kind of love — read the face, let a person can be bent straight people. So color value is higher than all!

you can’t deny that this is a time of face. A face of high value may mean a better job offer, a more successful project flow, and even a more intimate boyfriend. Data show that in 2013 China has nearly 10 million people plastic surgery, and maintain an annual growth rate of up to 30%, in 2018 the number of plastic passengers will reach about 31 million, the industry output reached one trillion level. In a report on the proportion of countries in the world each year, the proportion of each year, said the top spot in South Korea, the absolute value is 15 times that of China, while China has at least 5 to 10 times the market growth.

is the Chinese people do not love?. But at present the cosmetic industry to give him orders mixed beads, is difficult to trust the stereotype. Industry information asymmetry, complex intermediate links, the media is full of "excessive marketing" and a large number of star plastic failure reports, negative psychological suggestion to shaping the people who need a strong, invisible increase consumers’ decision-making cost, shaping institutions face a more difficult situation in mining potential customers.

in the "Internet plus" era, the traditional industry means that more may be subverted. The influx of entrepreneurs will push this ancient industry tuyere. They are rooted in 90 mobile Internet for survival, or the original guidance to move online, or self consulting team to face the consumer, or from plastic to generate UGC community model enthusiasts entry, looking for opportunities to break out. On the one hand is a huge market demand, while the pain is the focus of the current situation of the industry, entrepreneurs face is a place of gold all over the thorns.

women seeking beauty, pressure can not hold

plastic APP more beautiful CEO Liu Di, was once the identity of health care products, rain doctor VP, before the formal plastic products to do this, his first batch of users from the year’s micro-blog fans. At the time, Liu Di has relied on the experience of their own, in the micro-blog account to put itself into a 40 years old, forceful personality, subtly malicious "female plastic surgeon", this account called "plastic guide", which is now the official micro-blog more beautiful.

I am locked in this group of young women in the city, Liu Di said, even if it is just such a seemingly clear positioning, it has attracted the attention of many users initiative. Next, he also use micro-blog account function recommended, from Beijing’s young model circle of people.

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