E-commerce platform to provide nanny services for export

in the Yangtze River Delta region’s first national e-commerce platform – Jiaxing international e-commerce application platform before the date issued since September last year, since the formal operation of the first performance report ", report shows that in 3 months time, the platform has accumulated more than and 600 export enterprises in our city to provide more than 5 thousand procurement information, in order to increase security and Paul orders under the pressure of foreign trade in Jiaxing provides a solution of" E era ".

With government support, resource sharing, professional services, enterprise benefit "innovation pattern and successful experience of

Jiaxing international e-commerce application platform, relying on the Chinese International Electronic Commerce Center, established a comprehensive open with Jiaxing industry characteristics of the enterprise e-business service platform and government work platform.


center director Zou Lin, introduced from online purchase information push, business promotion, product promotion, massive industry, e-commerce knowledge training, organization of overseas buyers, export line interpretation skills conference, Jiaxing international e-commerce application platform has become a new channel of foreign trade in Jiaxing.

according to incomplete statistics, more than 3 months, the platform has provided more than 5 thousand purchasing information for the city’s more than and 600 companies. Especially during the 106th session of the Canton Fair this year, the platform for the members of the push of the scene of the purchase of information providers, so that there is no opportunity to participate in the fair enterprises can also get information on the purchase of the fair site in.

Haining hongguanng Lighting Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. is an energy-saving lighting products manufacturers, the company responsible person manager Wu feelings of Jiaxing international e-commerce application platform is to provide a platform for exchange and purchaser". In the past, the company has never been involved in e-commerce, and the main export markets in Europe and the United States at the end of last year, manager Wu attended a winter day in manufacturing organization will discuss platform, contact some Japanese businessmen, so as to find out the potential opportunities, we recently developed an energy-saving fluorescent lamp by the Japanese enterprises welcome and if successful negotiations, will be a large order."

joined the Jiaxing international e-commerce application platform for greater feelings of manager Wu is that previous orders are obtained from some fixed exhibitions at home and abroad, now open the computer to have Everfount purchasing information "sent" to entrepreneurs door, add channels to her looking for business opportunities. Today, the platform to push overseas purchasing information screening, screening, contact online customers become one of her daily work.

Zhejiang Yang packaging Co. Ltd. the custom platform "business intelligence service", not only can the first time to get the industry procurement information, the platform will notify the enterprise in the form of mail, do nanny service. At present, there are 353 companies to apply for the service, the realization of the procurement of information and precision.

in order to increase the Jiaxing international e-commerce application platform influence, amplify the "Jiaxing export" sound, fair platform using a variety show channel, and advertising in the related business journal, Jiaxing enterprise information.

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