Peng Hongwei nternet auction shopping integrity is the kingly way

According to the Information Office of the State Council on

China published before "China Internet" white paper above data show: Chinese online shopping users has more than 100 million people. 2009, China’s e-commerce transactions amounted to more than 3 trillion and 600 billion yuan. With the rapid increase of Internet users and online shopping users, China’s e-commerce has been rapid development, e-commerce model is also in constant innovation and improvement, in order to provide a better service to hundreds of millions of online shopping users. As we are familiar with the original Taobao C2C, through continuous improvement and upgrading, into the present B2C2C, Jingdong mall B2C, the layout of the main urban logistics distribution center. Baidu has ah X2C, improve and upgrade at the same time in the traditional mode of e-commerce, has also spawned a new model of e-commerce company more, in some places, mainly in the online platform and offline store mode of operation, and to a combination of entertainment and online shopping auction shopping e-commerce platform if you point the auction mall. There are currently the most popular to the United States as the representative of the group buying site, etc.. E-commerce model is only you can not think of, can not do without.

I wrote before the very OK network innovation BSC e-commerce model, analysis of the pros and cons of this model, the original model is very promising. However, because of the platform for some reason, the development of its current regression. Today, I do not want to talk about this issue, mainly want to talk about the auction, grab this type of e-commerce platform.

auction this combination of entertainment and shopping e-commerce model, as far as I know, initially originated in eBay, eBay platform to become one of the main means of operation. Later, Taobao also imitated this model, launched a dollar spike". EBay auction with a somewhat different way, Taobao spike more emphasis on rapid response in a short time the participants. And grab this way, emphasizing the need to continue to participate in the user.

but to take this auction, entertainment and shopping mode independent shop is relatively small, this model also heard before, but not how to pay attention to, the last chance, when chatting with a friend, a friend talked about "we" the auction online shopping platform, just let me to this kind of online shopping the platform is interested in, of course I am not a professional e-commerce researchers say, is also very superficial. But I know that the pace of this type of e-commerce platform will be more difficult than the traditional B2C. Although we all know that the development of online shopping platform, and product quality, product prices, mall services, logistics and distribution, online payment, etc., are inseparable, indispensable. But as we point online auction shopping platform, in order to have a better development, access to more users, retain users, there is a more important factor is the integrity. One of the important factors to affect the integrity of the platform development.

one, why pay attention to integrity

we all know, such as the auction of e-commerce platform, unlike the traditional competition >

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