Taobao mall officially opened B2C platform 38 vertical B2C settled

September 19th, Taobao mall officially announced its B2C open platform strategy, a number of stores, intime network, Kuba, Yi and other 38 vertical B2C collective at Taobao mall official flagship store opened.

It is reported that

, Taobao mall will be fully open to all retail form, at the same time and brand manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and logistics providers, including various types of third party service providers to build B2C ecosystem.

Taobao mall President Zhang Yong said that he would not sell Taobao mall, not retailers, but with an open attitude to welcome all forms of retailers to expand in the development of Taobao mall platform.

Zhang Yong said he hopes to eventually form the social relationship in the open Taobao mall, driven by social division of labor and social services, including promoting businesses, service providers, logistics providers and the multi role cooperation.

In addition, Zhang Yong also disclosed that Taobao mall will be further positioned itself in the role of B2C ecosystem creator role

. Taobao mall respect consumer goods brands, but also respect the store brand, respect for traditional brands, but also respect the original brand of the Internet, is committed to providing them with a variety of basic services." Zhang Yong said.

it is understood that Taobao mall this year, the transaction size will be close to one hundred billion yuan, next year’s target is two hundred billion.

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Taobao mall disclosure, to join the open platform Taobao mall including one store, intime network, Kuba, Yi, Mcglaughlin, Lok, Newegg, good music to buy, the red child, serves network, such as, BELLE and etc. previously, where the customer has settled Taobao mall.

In addition, Taobao mall also made it clear that the commitment will be included in the entire shopping process, to resist the vicious competition of low-quality, low-priced goods

. (Lei Feng)

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