Some of the difference between the top-level domain and the two domain name

simply points out that the top-level domain name refers to the WWW (ie, the World Wide Web) at the beginning of the domain name, such as is a top international domain name. The two domain name refers to the domain name outside the WWW, such as the domain name registration Two domain name is dependent on the existence of top-level domain name, that is, there is no top-level domain name, there will not be a domain name two. The top-level domain name is independent of the existence of two domain names, the top-level domain will not be affected. These two domain names are the most common.


on top of the collection of more than 2, than its weight! I also experienced that!! my station is attached by a talent network of people, fortunately, wait a few days Baidu included, included a period of time, Baidu was more than 5 thousand, GG there are more than 2 thousand, but one morning a look, Baidu dropped to more than and 300, the remaining more than and 100 GG, no matter how I increase the content included, or rarely, or not to go, also ranked low down! I accepted my proposal a webmaster, the domain name changed to the top. The beginning is a bit difficult, waiting for a long time Baidu was included, then 2 level domain name not included, with the top up, more and more, or top of the weight of

!I think if you don’t do what

is going to the top, not to say that 2 is not good, but still a little difference! Speak is not good, we can study oh.

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