June mogujie.com product manager to advocate darwinism

editor’s note: the concept of community e-commerce as early as 08 years was born, but the community e-commerce website really into people’s horizons has just begun, such as Amoy arena, love, beauty etc.. In the Taobao Product Manager June has done many years with my knowledge and resources to the electronic commerce, in the last year founded the network community e-commerce volume bean Adsense service, so as to find out the potential community of e-commerce, online shopping this year in favor of the female founder sharing website mogujie.com. He holds a "Darwinism" attitude, the products he believes that good products in the market to continue to exercise birth, community e-commerce is still a piece of blue ocean, need to beat the market. The current Talks interview, listen to June talk about his community e-commerce blueprint.


entrepreneurial team members (TechWeb pictures)

entrepreneurship from rolls beans to mogujie.com

TechWeb: roll bean product model is very special, to provide users with what kind of service?

June: roll bean products are designed for the community to share the shopping, the webmaster to borrow rolls of product optimization interface, analysis data, earn commissions. The main products are gold chain, happy online shopping and supporting effect analysis, all of these products free of charge.

is currently the most commonly used gold chain, only in advertising or edit link page to add a short code we provide, you can track the user clicks, the user once the transaction is successful, will receive a commission from the store shopping community. In addition, happy online shopping and supporting effect analysis of the two plug-in can help owners will be upgraded to SNS Discuz forum shopping guide for online shopping community discussion, help webmasters traffic analysis, record order, List Ranking and other businesses.

The development of

beans has stabilized, the team’s focus is on mogujie.com.

roll bean web page (TechWeb pictures)

TechWeb: roll beans is a technology oriented product service website, how do you think of a community e-commerce site mogujie.com?.

June: originally rolled bean is for this community service, all products are designed for roll bean community e-commerce webmaster, webmaster can obtain store website with volume bean Advertising Commission, it is also very simple. At the same time, we did not find these communities in the community to do a particularly good e-commerce site, which also allows us to find the community e-commerce market is still a blank, a lot of space. Would like to be able to do a fill the gap, so mogujie.com was born.

mogujie.com’s current technical support all from the roll beans, rolls bean was originally developed for the webmaster mogujie.com products are used. In the gold chain, for example, users buy their own new products in mogujie.com sun, exchange experience with other users to buy, find the goods in other people’s sales business. If by mogujie.com >

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