First inspection of small household electrical appliances online shopping security risks


Beijing News (reporter Liao Ailing) yesterday, Beijing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau first informed the quality monitoring results of small household electrical appliances, clothing online shopping, there are 13 kinds of product quality, the safety of small household appliances are the most.

clothing is often online Taobao to buy more goods. The Beijing business monitoring found a distribution by "Hangzhou Ping people clothing Limited company" and "zeaka" (No. HDT1022PG) blouse is not qualified, not only the detection of formaldehyde content exceed the standard, even the use of a biodegradable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes, harmful to the human body.

small appliances 12 products failed, including nominal "Canbo", "excellent", "Del", "the whole product" brand electric kettle; Shanghai nominal Pentium Electrical Co. Ltd. "Pentium" humidifier, Kasrrow Guangdong science and technology development limited company production of "Kasrrow" Dolphin infrared massage stick, Shenzhen weichengda Industry Co. Ltd. "Kangda" shoulder tapping massager.

city industry and Commerce Bureau, the main problem of these small appliances is grounding measures, input power and current, structure and other does not meet the standard requirements, easy to cause short circuit, fire, electric shock hazard.

city industry and Commerce Bureau pointed out that small household electrical appliances for the national compulsory certification (CCC) catalog products, products must obtain CCC certification can be ex factory sales. Consumers to online shopping appliances, first to see whether the CCC certification mark, followed by signs and instructions, and try to keep all documents, including the purchase of notes, tags or description, then not only can be used to guide the maintenance of the product, but also can be used as an important basis for arbitration in quality disputes.

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