Tmall double eleven carnival world turned inward


Hongkong airport, airport was the world’s famous devil aviation, for your captain, as it comes into play difficult acrobatics, the aircraft does not send our best captain mission. It is interesting that no one missed them here.

18 years of dust laden Eic airport, has been transformed into a cruise terminal. Yesterday, Eic pier to re dress the theme of aviation, to meet the challenge of another captain of the challenge: Alibaba CEO xiaoyao.

is the team to attend the "Xiao Yao Zi Qi Fei · Tmall global double 11 Carnival activities. From November 11th, there are 20 days to come, the coach led the army issued a special city such as Hongkong, and carefully select such a symbolic venue. Time, space, the plot, this year, a little unusual 11.

11.11: from the festival of "singles day" to the "Carnival"

yesterday’s activity is of great sense of ceremony: the venue layout into the cabin, a ticket ticket style, the radio kept urging passengers boarding, the big screen playing off the ski jump on the runway, the waitress pushed the beverage cart, uniform red airline stewardess uniforms, waiters are white and blue flight. I can not help but sigh: Ali really city will play.

but carefully want to feel that Ali’s practice makes sense. Double eleven engaged in the past eight years, has become more and more like a festival, the festival will have a festive look. I feel so pomp, because I did not put subconscious as a "double eleven Festival", but as a promotional activity, when individuals make lively view. Since it is the direct promotion, discount on the line chanting, just like a lot of business to do.

was the first time. Happy child at the scene also reviews the history of 11.11: in the beginning there is a single day". He heard himself off the double eleven of the skin, I can not help but burst into a laugh. 8 years ago, the first double double, is the predecessor of Taobao mall Tmall in order to stimulate the off-season consumption, the use of the network language in a gimmick to promote the production of the only point of the. At the time of the planning logic is about this: in the city, especially first-tier cities, a large number of have certain consumption ability and no partner of young people, these people tend to have a tendency that was in the psychological loneliness, the impulse shopping way to decompression. "Singles day" became a very clever consumer g-spot.


logic: first concise and effective 2009 double eleven, Taobao mall turnover reached 52 million yuan, which at the time of the business climate has been very not easy; 2011 double eleven, Ali total turnover of 5 billion 200 million yuan; and last year’s double eleven, the number jumped to 91 billion 200 million yuan, the opening moment of 140 thousand orders per second complete the payment, 80 thousand pen.

digital, there is another more subtle changes: the connotation of "singles day" gradually fade, connotation of "double eleven" gradually evolved into a return to the original meaning of consumption as the theme of the festival. The strongest evidence is

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