The status quo and the way out of WeChat position marketing

micro-blog marketing ascendant, WeChat marketing has been in full swing. However, compared with the early micro-blog grassroots large earned disk full bowl compared to WeChat grassroots want to do a large amount of money can not be so easy. Recently many penguins ban advertising grassroots large, perhaps in order to avoid the occurrence of sina micro-blog profit model? This leads to a lot of WeChat from micro-blog to WeChat on the loss of good managers to look forward to, and switch to do anything else, even now rarely heard bad mouthing micro-blog’s remarks.


LBS of WeChat marketing based on prospects should not be underestimated, for not a lot of this piece of research, even a handful of practitioners. Let’s take a look at micro-blog’s efforts in this regard. Micro-blog Sina mobile client will appear in the middle of the information flow in the vicinity of the business information, can be regarded as an attempt to make a profit model of micro-blog, the success of the time required to test. To be honest, I am not very optimistic about the micro-blog, the web version of the micro-blog promotion was users condemning, which may improve the visibility of the enterprise, but the reputation is severely damaged.

now WeChat users have more than 300 million, more people predict that by the end of 2013 will exceed 500 million. With the growth of WeChat users and market conditions gradually mature, WeChat’s advertising business is definitely a hotly contested spot. As a strong relationship between the attributes of social tools, if able to gather local users, the actual accumulation of loyal customers, which will greatly reduce the cost of marketing.

however, how to do local WeChat, some people do WeChat, known as thousands of fans over 10000, of which the authenticity and accuracy are to be considered. Now the number of people in a city is often millions, and that your fans even if the city is not a large. Now WeChat can not push each other, if there is no cooperation with other resources, it is not easy to gather local fans together, it is difficult to make a profit.

local WeChat profit difficulties in which I think there is nothing more than the following two points: 1, good positioning; 2, customer resources. WeChat marketing seems not as simple as we think, however, is not without a method.

I am in the operation of a WeChat is happy in Ji’nan, the target group is the city of Ji’nan, now fans have exceeded 10 thousand. I did not catch up with micro-blog marketing melee, naturally there is no support through micro-blog, can do this now really cost me a lot of time and effort, but fortunately did not spend much money. For a grass root, so this result is actually not bad. However, the capital city of Ji’nan, 10 thousand fans really do Nabuchushou, with the business negotiations have emboldened. Whether it is to do micro-blog or WeChat, you need to run the business, you do not run the business, you can not let customers know you, it is impossible to make money. It seems that WeChat marketing is a physical activity,

WeChat fans come, how to profit? I made some attempts. Since my position is the local WeChat marketing, my target customers is certainly Ji’nan merchants. At first there was a year

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