You can also promote network promotion

do not know what time from the beginning of my friends around slowly many sites, there are also large roots. I have often heard the sense of the SEO, Links, optimization, spiders, corn and so on. Some have never heard the word line. Just like "spider", call a friend for a long time to get over to explain, the original "spider" is a vivid metaphor, it is sent to the search engine to view the contents of the article, your site search keywords, generates an index and then on your website as users search engines to search for information show your website has not been included on the basis of!

do not know whether it is a coincidence or fate, he is now also embarked on the road of this line. The beginning is a blank, then read some information, listening to lectures and teacher training, I can write something about


I think the first step is to promote their own network positioning. To promote their own website user groups, what is the current business situation, flow?

today I would like to talk about the flow problem: in the chance to listen to the sea maple in the group to talk about a lesson: how to use statistics in the operation of the site! I think that if you see a site traffic is very high, so it may be a dumpster, others may just click on the site but never strayed, will appear second times, as the flow it is no development at all!

                analysis of their site traffic depends on three values: IP PV and UV. This is the first time I have a more specific and profound grasp of the definition of these three values. IP is an independent access address, PV is the user browsing the page, UV is the only visitor. We assume that a person to visit the site today, it has 1 IP, 1 UV, but it may visit several pages that we have assumed to be 2, a normal healthy sites of UV and PV ratio should be at least 1:2, so we are here and IP UV PV, the ratio should be 1:1:2. Like if we want to query a local postal encoding, casually into a website, for example 123 after users get the results you want, if the network map of the site, the user experience is good, then the user may continue to query the weather, IP etc.. So a good site traffic ratio should be above the 1:1:2, at least UV and PV should not be the ratio of the relationship between


there is a time for users to stay in your page, you can see whether the site is really useful, whether it is worth collecting, so you can know where the lack of


IP and UV can know the proportion of the audience groups, your website which information is more people browse, your user object is who.

The ratio of

PV and UV can be >

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