DG chapter Su Yang electricity supplier will eventually be equal to the department store profits


technology news December 21st evening news, in China power Chinese capital peak tour forum, IDG technology venture investment fund partner Zhang Suyang said, e-commerce not mysterious, needs to be treated. The difference between e-commerce and the future of the department store only lies in the number of customers, and the actual profit line of e-commerce and online department store is not much difference.

Zhang Suyang said that e-commerce needs to be treated with a common heart. In fact, the situation of e-commerce to make money, and finally the department store almost. That is to say, you Jingdong (micro-blog) can not be a United States and Suning, so I look at the Internet is not possible to do a. So how we feel. Do you do online or offline, and finally your profit is almost the same."

from this point of view, the line has a lot of famous department stores, in the network to open a necessity and not. Zhang Suyang said, a lot of people think that e-commerce is very cheap, you can make a lot of money in the future. But even in the future to make a big company, but also under the line of retail business profits. Of course, if the money rolling faster, more profitable, more goods sold. But these things don’t break some of the most basic things."

as to why the PE/VC industry is still optimistic about e-commerce, Zhang Su Yang believes that the entire sales, if only 20%-30% of the people in the online consumption, there is a lot of market space. For example, we consider the question is whether to expand the scale. Of course, there may be more people to buy things online. Just such a difference, and you finally make money profit is almost the same. So the question of e-commerce must not be mysterious."

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