Warm congratulations V5SHOP differential sales get 2015 national top 100 electricity supplier honor

V5shop 2015-2016 won the national top 100 enterprises honor! Today Yiwu International Expo held the national hundred electric service providers electricity supplier awards, V5shop 2015-2016 won the national top 100 enterprises deliver the goods business honor! 14 years of hard work, now is the best


April 11, 2016, at the occasion of the international electricity supplier Fair held by the Chinese electricity supplier alliance selected the annual national top 100 electricity supplier service providers, and held the awards ceremony. Shanghai Weibo O2O as an intelligent differential leader are very honored to receive this honor pin. 14 years of persistence and many people’s achievements today’s V5SHOP. V5SHOP will continue to practice the do users need electricity providers software, for small and medium-sized enterprises to plug Internet plus wings, walk with more enterprises







Shanghai Weibo

Network Technology Co., Ltd. is the first domestic located in E+E (business + entity), O+O (Online + offline), S+S (Software + services) one-stop integrated e-commerce service provider, the original CSS (Consulant System system, electricity supplier business advice, Service business services) service model, attention the transaction, provided the line to the line for the traditional enterprise, from the traditional Internet to mobile Internet, a comprehensive solution from the system to the electronic commerce service scheme.

Shanghai Weibo

Network Technology Co. Ltd. (V5SHOP) was founded in 2002, is committed to the development of electronic commerce software, the market share of the top 2. Shanghai Weibo (V5SHOP) service enterprise customers more than 42, including more than 56 thousand subscribers, including China UnionPay, Lining clothing, Shanghai Jahwa, Yu Garden group, Hainan airlines, Nanjing mall, Keri Tina, Yiwuyi, pick up the industry giant European drug. IResearch 2009 e-commerce software provider rankings, Shanghai Weibo (V5SHOP) among the highest in the industry.

2013 Shanghai comprehensive Weibo to mobile Internet, focus on 2 products: V5SHOP WeChat distribution system and O2O system. After nearly 2 years of efforts, V5SHOP WeChat distribution system has more than 8000 companies in the use of users, and access to market acclaim. V5SHOP as mobile intelligent distribution and O2O leader in the field, in the field of mobile Internet has made an important contribution.

V5SHOP WeChat distribution system using clients include: National Art scarf brand Beijing story, the first occupation shares of GIUSEPPE and famous brand bobdog, qiaozhibai >

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