Taobao UAV completed the first single distribution

Taobao for the first time to test the water UAV distribution so many users excited. During the period from February 4th to 6, wide north region specific users in the specified page orders to buy ginger Black Tea, have the opportunity to experience the service, will be a total of 450 people can experience the UAV delivery, the first single in Beijing on the morning of 4 has been completed, in 37 minutes.

but the "First Financial Daily" reporter learned from Taobao, the UAV delivery just want to do an activity, the UAV is provided by the Yuantong express, Taobao is currently no subsequent commercial UAV delivery plan, also did not set up a special department of the field.

4 am, Beijing region’s first single Taobao UAV orders generated, is worth $49 brown sugar ginger tea. The staff was set up in GPS navigation lines, carrying drones YTO-X650 goods from Tongzhou Yuantong outlets send pieces of take-off, arrived at the South Street Liyuan Evelyn destination, here are waiting for the courier tact of UAV landing, the whole process took 37 minutes.

According to

, due to the flight is in the outer ring area is less than 100 meters above the height of the flight, so no need to report to the civil aviation authority for approval.

due to this event provides free shipping services, so the buyer actually paid only the cost of goods. But as for the distribution cost within 37 minutes is how much tact and Taobao did not disclose to the reporter. For this test, also did not accept a reporter’s interview request.

in the next two days, Guangzhou and Shanghai area will also use the UAV delivery orders, distribution points involving Shanghai Zhongrong biyulantian building, Times financial building, Bank of Shanghai Headquarters, Bank of China Tower, Guangzhou financial building traffic; including the Tianhe District Pearl River are Hui, hirohiro Tianqi, poly champagne and three silver building, Ocean Building and the surrounding area within 1 hours, may be served.


is just a publicity with the nature of the activities, and Taobao also said no follow-up plan, but the move with a barometer of domestic electricity supplier giant or means, to the outside world and leave no small imagination, after SF express also tried UAV delivery service test. From the country’s frequent access to the momentum of the momentum of the UAV companies look, this field has become a hot spot.

according to the domestic UAV manufacturers Xinjiang innovation of public information, in 2010 the sales of only 3 million yuan, in 2012 this figure rose to 200 million yuan, in 2013 soared to 800 million yuan, in 2014 is expected to grow exponentially.

in logistics, international business tycoon Amazon UAV proposed distribution plan PrimeAir has been more than a year, and the company is actively promoting the research work related to business and technology, so that the UAV delivery vehicles and partner, will be wrapped in 30 minutes or less to send to customers, to promote the pace of commercialization. In addition, Google, Facebook and other Silicon Valley companies are also testing the UAV Application >

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