8000 yuan report a short board and real estate investors misjudged the cause of O2O, they found room

Abstract: the entrepreneur is not the greatest grief without a dream to change, but the direction of the dream and try to run counter to the trend of the industry. Investors do not have the greatest grief is not money, capital, but the investment time to vote the wrong track, the wrong players." This is the real estate transaction is now leading entrepreneurs, investors and entrepreneurs.

President of the Institute of

chain Yang collar yesterday (December 2nd) issued a real estate report in Beijing, even the price of 8000 yuan a share, a lot of points. In the end how much gold, dare to let a real estate research report so high?

product line network reporter to listen to the full report after the conference, but also really feel that spend a little less than 8000, very value, and the product is a way to share.

, the former general manager of the new trend of CRE Securities Industry Ministry of economics Dr. Yang in the collar was dug to the chain of home, studied more than and 100 cases at home and abroad to launch the report. The report shows the property of O2O within the cause of death; with data from the housing, exposing their "Locke"; also told investors lost the real estate field.

for the future, the report also gives three ways, and predict the future of real estate trading platform is bound to move towards oligopoly.

first, the cause of death


1, "death": the dream is full, the reality skinny

rental housing, new houses, second-hand housing, commercial real estate, as of August this year, the industry has been the property of the housing project has been the housing network, the purchase of home network, migration network, fast rent, love rent network, V rental six. 2015 in the second half, the death toll is still growing.

real estate entrepreneurs almost no fear of chain home. These entrepreneurs worry chain in transition by the line manager and housing data, they have already cut the encroach on the vertical field.

to the outside cause of death due to the real estate business projects, the real estate industry, bid farewell to the "golden age", the industry is facing a new round of reshuffle; and leading the field of housing is looming, can not afford to burn the company can only give way the two reasons.

but don’t think so. In the report of the conference site, the president of the Institute of the chain Yang is now said: the chain is not the cause of your death, defeat in their own hands is the real cause of death." That is to say, "you" is not a chain of kill, "you" is "Dutch act".

"to some extent, these businesses may be in your opinion as a competitor or a friend. Actually, I always thought that if one day you left behind have failed to keep pace with the times, do not keep up with the demands of investors and the demands of users, you have been falling even dead."

is the time to determine the future of our lives, we can do, or the only thing we need to do is to combine the Internet, especially with the Internet’s new ‘wings’."

in the future, decide who lives and dies

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