Rookie station can also make money back

      I was at this station, wrote an article "rookie" stations can also get a lot of money, many netizens responded, here, I hope netizens go more in-depth understanding and experience: I do the experience of GOOGLE

      1). Do not think that the so-called website operators do is the pursuit of low profile. In the webmaster and the head of the exchange, you should not fear their own experience to speak out, not to hide what, what the 50 thousand per month, which needs to be low? After all, we are not in the business, such as Baidu, YAHOO, and so on a large site, in fact, they are also grown from the exchange. Site traffic is the key, the daily IP 100 thousand, the monthly income of at least up to 50 thousand. The United States has a monthly income of 10 dollars every webmaster, boldly to communicate with you? For what is (there is mutual benefit in it), his website can get better publicity, and now his popularity is very big, we also get a better way to do web site. Web site traffic is indeed the key, and the communication between the webmaster can be more essential (and indeed, many Chinese do GOOGLE earn money webmaster, generally will not go to announce their income, what is the reason? Jealousy is too strong a lot of people, I wrote the article rookie station can make money, someone replied: what makes you a monthly income of 50 thousand. Really terrible! Do GOOGLE know what is terrible: jealousy. To your site dozens of advertising invalid clicks, your GOOGLE account will be closed, although can save method, but also a great loss of the


      2). To make GOOGLE gains is great, I feel so, not I blow. If you are doing GOOGLE, website traffic is bigger than my website, but doesn’t have the same income, do not consider other people say is true, but to reflect on their own (is not your website content causes the relationship, click on price low or to communicate with others and improve a CTR problem etc.).

      3). Here I do a statement: website, webmasters still need to carefully explore, it should be in a calm mood in the website, not just to talk about what income (although this is important, but don’t put it in the first place).

      4). I should also say sorry to everyone, because I know I do stand is not successful, also do not have the qualifications to comment on the webmaster (maybe all of my shortcomings). However, I just hope my shortcomings can make us more perfect!

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