Promotion and promotion of popular events and holidays

we all know, holiday promotions and popular event promotion is now the most popular network promotion, but also the two most common means of network promotion.

in these two methods, there is a fixed holiday promotional events, after all, is so much a year holidays, but too much, the conception of holiday light, and popular event marketing is not the same, ha ha, Chinese a not very good habits, is the love of onlookers and watch, and this hot event marketing, event promotion is popular caters to everyone’s taste.

below and we talk about the hot events I’ve seen the effect of network promotion to bring it.

is the first year for you in Zhang Shaogang and Liu Lili this event, I do not know if you use this not in the network promotion, anyway, my happy home is the use of the forum, I spent more than a day, with the optimization of this piece of writing an article about the event post results at the two day, my forum light is brought about by the post flow reached more than 5 thousand IP, which is a good description of the case, as long as we pay close attention to popular events, timely grasp the opportunity, our network promotion is not so rare, incidentally, keywords that Liu Lili event, at present there are traffic to our people, have lamented the enthusiastic ha.

second is the current events of the Diaoyu Islands, originally morally, as rising to patriotic events, we should not treat him as a promotional event in order to promote and to get, but for the business and occupation of SEO, but this did not make no ground for blame, after all, what terrible things. A friend in the shop on the launch of the denial of Japanese goods, domestic support, and then get the topics, and results promotion, so a few days, and months of sales before the. And my own web site, specially written around the Diaoyu Islands event article, the flow is also very impressive.

of course in the popular event marketing, you need to pay particular attention to is, don’t die on the hot events that one word, as in the first case, I have a few words are long tail, such as Zhang Shaogang and Liu Lili what? "Zhang Shaogang" on the Liu Lili array ", this word competition is not strong burst, and focus on the popular event, several more such words, bring traffic will more than the main keywords.

in network technology by Xiaoxiang Xianghua starting, reprint please indicate the source, thank you


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