The role and benefits of links

          what is the link, the role and benefits of the link:

is a simple form of cooperation between the web site, that is, on their own web site with text, pictures or other forms of the link to the other side of the site. Links meaning has two main aspects: 1, through and other sites to exchange links, can attract users click access, directly improve the traffic of your site; 2, the search engine in the ranking of a website, not only the analysis of web content and structure, but also around the web link analysis. Search engines (especially Google) believe that if your site is valuable, other sites will mention you; the more you mention, the greater the value. So high quality links to improve the search engine rankings.

a, why to judge the quality of the link, how to judge the quality of the link:


with the proliferation of links in the network, the search engine is only on the high quality of the link to give priority to the poor quality of the links on the site ranking does not play a role or even counterproductive. High quality links should have the following factors: related to the content of your site or complementary links; the PR value of not less than 4 of the sites; important sites of large flow, high visibility, frequent updates (such as search engine news source); with few export link links; the content of high quality the original site link. Links to too many sites are called junk links. Add link base, bulk link exchange program, cross link link link exchange program, and a large number of automatic membership sites, search engines are regarded as typical spam links, is likely to be punished or implicated. Google will permanently delete the sites that use links.

can be used to obtain the following links: 1, find and your competitors linked to the site: enter the " in the search engine; link: competitor domain name ". 2, do search engine advertising website or other vigorously promote the website, as well as the natural ranking of relevant links.

two, a common way to swap links fraud trick:

1, after the exchange of links in the case of each other does not inform each other secretly removed the link, you can use the program to automatically check each other to avoid this link.

2, the entire site is only one or two pages of links to the link page, so that the link page can also be included in the search engine, but the weight is very low.

3, the use of robots.txt files or meta tags, so that links can not be included in the page.

4, links with the nofollow attribute, or with the JS script to turn, so

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