Easy mom million yuan Pre-A round of financing

relaxed mom CEO Liu Liangliang witnessed the whole process of his wife’s production, he had personally experienced the delivery of 10 pain test, to level third, he could not bear. He can also understand his wife from 110 pounds to the weight of 160 pounds of hard work. Postpartum, his wife suffering from mastitis, breast milk in order to adhere to, had to reluctantly choose no anesthesia surgery.

easy mom CEO Liu Liangliang

in order to make mothers more relaxed, Liu Liangliang set up a relaxed mother". Easy mother is a free agency fee for Yuesao and nursery teacher platform, provide reliable docking services for mother group.

February 7th, obtained by the venture capital investment led, Jingen Tianji Group with the investment of ten million yuan Pre-A round of financing strategy. Prior to this, in January 9, 2015 to get Zhejiang Hua Rui Cci Capital Ltd million yuan Angel round of financing.

more than and 40 days, go more than a dozen intermediary, looking for is still not seen


in the early Liu Liangliang when a father looking Yuesao, spent more than and 40 days walking more than a dozen intermediary, eventually not seen Yuesao are facing side, the intermediary company personnel.


he found her friends looking Yuesao, usually through friends, online search, intermediary company. Most of the intermediary institutions because of information asymmetry and pumped into more than 25-35%; most did not improve the Yuesao and parental training and evaluation system; the traditional line of information caused by orders is not stable, Yuesao take private one case; in addition, high price, opaque, intermediary charges high intermediation costs, even no one can say 10000 yuan and 15000 month in which the difference.

in Liu Liangliang view, the traditional agency occurred every problem, contrary to the healthy development of maternal and child care industry. Liu Liangliang was in the second when you try to start, do the baby and students clothing foreign trade Weihuo, experiencing more than 4 years, has accumulated more than and 100 franchisees, make a pot of gold of life. Then as the "Wo Wo Group" Zhejiang District manager. In the market experience, the network has accumulated some achievements.

he pulls in Yuesao industry for over 20 years of partnership. Easy mother is beginning to rely on partners to bring the more than and 20 month started getting a little, then dug a lot of intermediary companies top Yuesao resources, with the increase of orders and visibility, and attracted more and more, Yuesao across the country today, easy mother a registered member of the more than 6 thousand people.

will deal with the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law Yuesao, can not popular


Liu Liangliang said, "if the easy mother platform compared to the Jingdong, then on the platform as is settled merchants." In this quality of service is the top priority in the maternal and child industry, easy mother to self team based around the Arab

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