Using the favorites to improve the efficiency of the extension


    using the favorites to improve the efficiency of the extension (mcq0544 share)

a lot of friends have read my article on the network to promote the article, maybe 100 people read, there are only 50 people feel justified, but did not practice. There are 49 people in the article with the method to do, but the effect is not very ideal. Finally, only one person with the article described in the method, to achieve the same effect with me.

or some friends may spend a few hours in the article to promote the method, 1 days will bring a IP of 500. I may spend only half an hour to promote, 1 days can come to 1000IP, which is to promote the efficiency of the problem. Did not find a good promotional material, or a good place to promote, are the factors affecting the efficiency of the promotion. Or find a good material, and then go to a good place to spend a long time, which is also a factor affecting the efficiency of the promotion. Today I will tell you their own promotion methods other than experience, how to use web favorites to improve the efficiency of the extension.

some friends may send a new promotional material, from the search to release, because not ready. It takes 15 minutes. Go to the top of a his hair before Haotie, plus the time of search, 3 minutes. But to make good use of the favorites, can save the time of 4/5, so as to improve the efficiency of promotion. Want to see my favorites is what.

legend 1:

because their website is a comprehensive forum based mainly on animation, animation video, will also release some popular video, in order to facilitate their operations, so will the special category of fine. I came to talk to you about the rational use of my favorites promotion help.

1: 3 folders to promote the material

1: "podcast"  


folder is filled with some I think video material rich podcast website, such as even-even, potatoes etc.. There are some video search sites I also collect in it, such as our video search.

podcast network video can be placed on the forum to play online, the speed is good, but not very few cases of connection failure occurs. I am now a lot of popular integrated video and animation online video on the podcast site.

2: "animation resources"    

  folder can be placed directly in the free online viewing of the animation site, such as Hainan integrated web site.

encountered a lot of episodes, not a set of a set up in the forum watch online video animation, I will go to the web site batch reprint. As long as the other side of each set of broadcast connection address on the line. Although this may give the other side with some traffic, but in order to appear rich in content, there are only cheap these sites.


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