WeChat selling high-end red wine depends on not fly

a high-end wine selling friends want to carry out network marketing, has its own corporate website, just do not very good, and now the company wants to recruit a few people to take charge of the network marketing this. The main task is to optimize their own enterprise station, and as a platform to carry out network marketing, the boss valued WeChat marketing, but now the lack of talent in this area. I am in a second tier cities, from the level of consumption, such as high-end wine market is not very large, most people rarely buy this high-end wine. Of course, there are some gifts to customers need to buy, if you really want to sell these high-end wine in WeChat, the first step to do is the accumulation of contacts, we must find the potential customers, the general types of people need this wine? I think the premier is those small business owners, they have to spend so this grade the goods. Furthermore, those who like red wine products, such as: the city’s white-collar class, this part of the population can also be consumed.

basically determine the target population, the next step is how to find such a person, and then try to make this part of the potential users to add your WeChat account. Everything is difficult at the beginning, want a lot of fans and users is not easy, must be combined with other offline activities, first to the user a little sweetness, the user will not sweep your two-dimensional code for no reason at all. Can engage in a free tasting wine line activities, want more wine lovers to taste, of course, first scan two-dimensional code, add the official WeChat account. If there is a new wine, you can notify you by WeChat, WeChat and friends can also receive the annual membership card and the like, always is to give the user some benefits, so as to obtain a large number of WeChat friends in the short term. And this part of the user are mostly potential users, it is worth the time and effort to maintain good interpersonal relationships.

with more and more friends of WeChat, the next step is to increase the content of the interaction between users and expand more potential users. But this step is time consuming and energy, is the key to thousands of friends, how to improve the relationship between each other? Can plan some activities in WeChat, in order to mobilize the enthusiasm of all, of course, there is definitely a small prize. No good users are not buying it, for example: let WeChat friends guess a bottle of wine prices, or let you talk about a certain brand of wine taste. In a nutshell is to let the whole circle of friends is active, and this is the moment you like QQ group, the main group, responsible for looking for an interesting topic, not necessarily about the wine. Can be any other topic, the purpose is to let your friends gradually know you, know you, in the WeChat to sell things, in fact, is to do business friends.

it is worth noting that, as an official spokesman, marketers must understand wine, it is difficult to establish a network of contacts. If you are also a red wine lovers, then nature and friends have a topic to talk about, so that the relationship between the user will be a lot closer. Therefore, we must first learn to taste red wine, only to drink before they know the taste of the marketing staff to

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